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On Sunday night, Chelsea blew Tottenham Hotspur away 3-0 in the London derby in the Premier League at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

We’ve broken down all the key stats for you to digest, including;

* shot maps

* xT (expected threat)

* pass networks

* xG timelines

* defensive duels

* average positions and much more!

We also try to answer some questions for you with the visuals:

Where was the highest xT creation zones for Chelsea? Who was the best player on the pitch?

To navigate the stats gallery simply click on the numbers to move through the pages.

At the end of the gallery, you’ll be able to download the full PDF stats report.

Tottenham started the match in a 4-3-3 formation with Harry Kane on the left, Hueng-Min Son through the middle and Giovani Lo Celso on the right in attack.

Average positions show that Tottenham spent most of the match in their own half with a low defence and most players near the middle of the pitch very close to each other.

Chelsea came out on the pitch with a 3-4-2-1 formation with Romelu Lukaku upfront supported by Mason Mount and Kai Havertz. Mount was replaced in the second half by N’golo Kante who put one of the best performances on the pitch.

Chelsea played predominantly in the opposition half with a very high defence line and Jorginho near the centre.

Chelsea had 20 shots in total with a xG of 2.75 with 10 shots on target. They over performed their xG by scoring three goals when Rudiger turned in a cross home in the injury time after Thiago Silva header and Kante’s deflected shot.

Tottenham failed to score any goals while they took only three shots on target among nine with a xG as low as 0.54.

Kai havertz had the most shots in the match(4) while Marcos Alonso had the highest xG of 0.68. Jorginho played the most passes into the final third (11).

Kane and Lo Celso had the most shots for Tottenham in the game, three each.

Chelsea’s extremely well drilled defence did not let Tottenham get into the box most of the time as they managed only three shots inside the box, two off target and one saved by Kepa. They did take shots from distance but failed to test Kepa in goal.

Chelsea got inside the box more comfortably and had most of their shots inside the box. Two of their goals came from inside while Kante’s long ranger was deflected and ended in the back of the net.

xT timeline shows that Tottenham had a more solid start to the game but around the half hour Chelsea got in control and dominated the rest of the game very easily. Tottenham could not pose any threat against Chelsea’s intensity and high pressing.

Possession was quite fairly shared as Tottenham had 47% of the ball. Pierre-Emile Hojberg played the most passes(64) while receiving the ball most in turn as well(48).

Chelsea had 53% of ball possession with Marcos Alonso completing the most passes (71). Both Alonso and Jorginho received the most passes with 55 each.

Tottenham played most of their passes in the midfield on both sides of the centre. They played only two successful smart passes out of many. They did not play much crosses into the box, Reguilon playing the most(3).

Chelsea played majority of their passes near the centre circle attempting seven smart passes, four of them being successful. They delivered maximum crosses from the left flank, Alonso putting the ball nine times in the box.

The home side had their highest xT creation zones in the left side of the penalty area. Eric Dier was the most efficient passer with 94.92% of accurate passes.

Sergio Reguilon was the most threatening passer with a xT of 0.38. It was most definitely lowrered due to a lot of misplaced passes. Harry Kane had the most xT from dribbles(0.043).

The Blues had the most threatening actions on the pitch on the right of the penalty box with Antonio Rudiger being the best passer with 94.34% accuracy.

Tottenham won almost 50% of their defensive duels. Cristian Romero was the best performer with five winning duels.

Tottenham lost majority of their aerial duels with Eric Dier losing out five times. Dele Alli and Harry Kane were not impressive.

They did win a lot of 50-50 balls in the defensive third while Hueng-Min Son lost all of his duels up the pitch.

Chelsea were not great either in defensive duels. Thiago Silva won four of his duels but also lost four while Jorginho lost out on seven occasions.

But they were really solid in terms of aeial duels with Thiago Silva winning four and Andreas Christensen winning three duels.

The Blues won a lot of loose balls in the back end while Havertz lost four duels up the pitch. Werner lost all of his duels.

Last night Thomas Tuchel’s men proved yet again why they are not a side to mess around with. They came out on top in every aspect, be it attack or defence. They were strong throughout the match and are most certainly title contenders for the Premier League this season. Marcos Alonso was arguably the best player on the pitch.

However, after a solid start to the season, Tottenham have had two major setbacks over the last couple of weeks and might feel they are staring down the same tunnel again. Nuno and his men will look back on this match and have a lot of things to think through before they face Arsenal this weekend.

If you want to download the stats in PDF format you can do it here : Premier League Stats : Tottenham vs Chelsea

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