Enrique pleads with Liverpool on Henderson: Don't repeat Wijnaldum mistake

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Former Liverpool fullback Jose Enrique is urging management not to let Jordan Henderson's contract to lapse.

Despite his current deal not set to expire until 2023, the skipper's future at Anfield is said to be in question with PSG and Atletico Madrid reportedly circling.

Enrique claimed Liverpool should be wary of letting a situation similar to former midfielder Gini Wijnaldum, now with PSG, develop.

He posted online: "I hope it doesn't happen the same that it happens with Stevie G and Gini as well.

"He is a legend of the club and still performing at the highest level. Players now with 32 or 33 they [are] still in their prime if they take care of themselves and I'm telling [you] Hendo does 100%.

"Let's see what happens but if they don't renew his contract will be a massive mistake like is been with Gini and Stevie (Gerrard) go before."

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