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Eddie Howe massive news – Tests negative and back for Arsenal match

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Jason Tindall took care of the media duties after the 3-3 draw with Brentford last Saturday.

Now Friday morning has seen him take charge of his first pre-match press conference since arriving at Newcastle United earlier this month.

Jason Tindall standing in ahead of the Arsenal match as Eddie Howe was still self-isolating after a positive covid test last Friday but following this morning’s press conference…

Keith Downie of Sky Sports confirming:

“Eddie Howe has tested negative for Covid-19 this morning and WILL be in the dugout tomorrow at Arsenal.”

A massive boost for Newcastle United, the new team boss will be in the dugout at the Emirates on Saturday.

Jason Tindall speaking to Sky Sports about dealing with the absence of Eddie Howe:

“You want your leader here with you, but there was nothing we could do.

“He’s still had a very big input.

“I’m still in the hotel too – but this ss where modern day tecbhnology has come in handy.

“It’s a but strange but we’ve just got in with it.

“Isolating with the virus in a hotel room is difficult.

“But he’s watched training every day from multiple angles.

“We then analyse and feed back to players.

“Ed has been a big part of that, he’s very hands on.

“We’ve spoken 5-6 times a day and prepare training in the evenings.

““There’s a big change in how Ed’s felt as week has progressed.

“He struggled physically Sun/Mon/Tue & wanted to sleep – but there’s now a difference in his voice.”

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