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“Don’t have to sell” – truth behind Rangers’ statement

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Stuart Robertson’s assertion at the AGM that Rangers don’t have to sell players is both factual and misleading.

Ever since taking a bit of a back seat from the front line following the Pedro debacle, Robertson has done a stellar job overall of quietly orchestrating the business from behind the front lines while Director of Football Ross Wilson has been the face of the club in a sporting sense.

And Robertson’s statement that we’re in good financial health is not inaccurate but it’s not the full picture.

End of the day the club is in £19M deficit, technically the full £24M despite the compensation for the ex (£4.5M) because that sum will go into the accounts for the next fiscal period, and while we’re not going to go bust or even come close to it, if Rangers want to invest in new players we WILL have to sell.

Money doesn’t grow on trees and we’re not currently generating enough to profit, so while we have reliable board members and investors regularly putting cash in, it’s not free money.

The only way to get genuine reliable money is to sell players, so that we can invest in new ones.

That’s what we need the cash for.

Robertson is right that this club doesn’t need to sell players. We won’t collapse and we’re in a position which allows consistent investment to keep the machine running.

But if we want to sign another Helander, Kent, Goldson, whoever – if we want to spend big in the transfer window to reinforce our position at the top of the Scottish football tree, we WILL have to sell.

The only way around it is by winning 56 with what we have and securing the absolute football lottery jackpot of the £50M we’ll get for the Champions League.

And that’s ok.

Let’s make sure we get there.

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