Does Arteta really have enough experience to fire Arsenal back to the top?

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What will Arteta do next? by Shenel

As Arsenal progressed to the next stage of the Europa League, the question remains as to, if we had lost, would Arteta still be at the helm?

My guess is yes he would be, given that we are in the worst possible position in a season than we have ever been and he is still manager.

Now I have nothing against him and I loved him as a player, I do however think he is too young and too inexperienced to be able to manage and be successful with a club as big as Arsenal. Maybe him coming in at the time he did was the wrong move, and I do believe he should have gained some managerial experience before being given the reins at Arsenal.

There is no doubt he has a good, intelligent and tactical head on his shoulders and at times can see what some others can’t, however I think the Arsenal gig for him has come too soon.

Although he won an FA Cup and Community Shield title in his first nine months, the fact he couldn’t build on that a few months later, and the fact he has put us in our worst position in our worst season in a long time in the league, being out of the FA Cup and holding onto the Europa League, for me says a lot about where this club is going under him.

Now if he pushes on and leads us to a Europa League title then a lot of fans will claim he is amazing, which I am sure he eill be if given time, but the win would only paper over cracks that needs to be fully reviewed and fixed. As nice as winning the first two trophies of his career as a manager was, given how the club has progressed since really does not fill me with much positivity that he will be the man for the long term role.

Yes there is a lot of work to do at Arsenal, any manager coming in would have had the same issues no doubt but maybe a manager of Guardiola’s, Allegri’s or even Simeone’s experience wouldn’t have been as bad as Arteta. And yes, we cannot blame Arteta for the players’ performances on the pitch, but if they do what he says and are picked by him, then he must shoulder 95% of the blame surely.

Like any true Arsenal fan, I want nothing more than to see our club back up there where we belong, fighting at the top and winning titles, but I can’t see that happening for a good few years. For the sake of the club and the players I hope next season, if Arteta is still at the helm, that he turns it around and takes us back to those glory days that we deserve.

In the meantime though, I hope he goes on to prove me wrong about him being the right man for the job, and lead us to Europa league glory, something which Unai Emery failed to do, despite taking us to the Final and being one of the most successful managers in the competition!

Shenel Osman