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Dan’s EPL Predictions Week 8 – Can Arsenal continue unbeaten run?

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A lot can happen in two weeks.

The Toon Army have gone from dreading relegation to a case of ‘when and not if’ they see their team lift silverware.

Watford have sacked their manager again!

The international break has led to tiresome talk about what’s wrong with Harry Kane, how to get the best out of Grealish, where’s Foden’s best position, etc.

As for Arsenal, we welcome Vieira back to North London on Monday.

After 7 games we are 11th with 10 points.

Got to say, I sense some Gooners have just accepted how far we have fallen.

Watford 1-3 Liverpool

Even by Watford’s standards, sacking Munoz seemed harsh. He got automatic promotion and the Hornets are not in the bottom three.

In other words, the Spaniard did everything on the job description.

To lose his job must mean the owners feel he’s lost the dressing room.

The Pozzo Family will argue that their approach has worked with the club mostly established in the topflight under their stewedership.

Claudio Ranieri knows what he’s signing up for, with the worst-case scenario being he gets a big payoff.

The 69-year-old will keep them up but so would have Munoz, quite simply there are three sides worse than Watford.

The hope for the home side is Klopp rests Salah for the Champions League, player of the season so far.

Aston Villa 2-0 Wolves

I remember the last two seasons predicting this derby would be a tight affair.

Yet in a short time I feel these two Midland clubs have swapped directions.

It’s Villa thinking of a European spot and Wolves in the bottom half

Playing 00.30 on Thursday; will Martinez get back from Argentina in time to be fresh for Saturday?

Leicester 1-1 Man United

Due to the international break this is my first chance to talk about Ole leaving Ronaldo on the bench against Everton.

They say when a manager is under pressure, they over-complicate their thinking.

At a time when you can’t afford City, Liverpool and Chelsea to open up a gap, why are you resting Ronaldo and Fernandes for the international break?

Play them and so what if they show up tired for Portugal.

In truth neither of these two teams are playing great at the moment.

Man City 5-0 Burnley

Don’t get me wrong the Champions are capable of days where they over pass the ball and don’t have a plan B to break down a defence (Saints at home).

It’s most likely to happen when their players been travelling all across the globe with their countries.

There were signs at Anfield though they were finding their old form, especially Foden, which is why Pep will be disappointed there’s been a break to break up their momentum.

They would have beat Liverpool had the officials done their jobs.

What’s the bets that Guardiola is moaning about Sean Dyche’s tactics regardless of the result?

Norwich 0-1 Brighton

The challenge for Brighton is their fans will now have expectations that they win this type of game.

Graham Potter described their performance against us as the best football they played under him.

Listening to some Gooners and apparently a point now at the Amex is a good result!

Either that’s how far we have fallen or how much progress the Seagulls have made?

Against us they lacked that quality in the final third which cost them points last season.

They will just nick the points here

Saints 1-0 Leeds

17th vs 16th

Saints looking for their first win of the season, Leeds have just got theirs in their last fixture against Watford, but were not convincing.

What’s noticeable is without confidence both sets of players are struggling to adopt their manager’s ethos.

Both coaches have built their teams on high pressing and energy, but both look slow instead and lacking ideas.

Brentford 2-2 Chelsea

So much was said about the quality of the Liverpool Vs City game that Chelsea seems to be going under the radar.

That might suit Tuchel.

The biggest compliment I can give Brentford is at the moment is; is it an upset to say they can hold the Champions of Europe

Everton 3-1 West Ham

Moye’s return to Goodison where he has established West Ham like he did with the Toffees.

Hammers though are now having expectation put on them, which is seeing them drop silly points.

Rafa though is getting the very best out of every player he has. My shock so far is that he sends out his players to attack with energy which is why fans have so far stuck with Benitez.

Could be an uncomfortable return for Moyes.

Newcastle 1-2 Spurs

As I write this Steve Bruce is still on course to manage his 1,000th game.

That’s the only thing that might turn the atmosphere sour at ST James Park with the Toon Army rocking up in a positive mood now they have the richest owners in the UK.

In a sense there is no rush for Amanda Stavely to sack her manager as they have to wait until January before they can bring out the cheque book.

I gave my views on the takeover earlier in the week so will only add this, how do you motivate the current squad to be better when they know they will be replaced at the first opportunity?

Getting bored of the Kane debate now. He will be scoring again.

Arsenal 2-1 Palace

As I feared we found out at Brighton that unfortunately we are not going to play too often against teams who were as tactically bad as Spurs were in the NLD.

I been very surprised about some reactions to our 0-0 draw.

Not the result but how have we fallen so low that we now have Gooners accepting that kind of performance where we are hanging on at Brighton!

I read a few fans say 6th in the table would be a success!

If 6th is a success, why the hell did we force out Mr Wenger?

Arteta seems to be building his team around a solid defence rather than the free-flowing football I grew up with.

That means Palace will always be in the contest which makes them dangerous with the talent they have.

This isn’t the Eagles you might been used to under Roy Hodgson.

They will have a go.


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Oslo Gunner 57

Stephanie 56

Samson 55

Mambo 55

Turbo 54

Toney 53

Admin 52

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Adiva 50

Ackshay 49

Phenom 49

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Good Luck Peeps


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