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Dani Alves will not play again in 2021

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Blaise Bourgeois

In a bit of a surprise announcement on Friday, 38-year-old Dani Alves revealed that he will not play at all for the rest of 2021.

Dani Alves recently terminated his contract with São Paulo and his name was linked to several Brazilian clubs, including Flamengo.

Several reports claimed that he was close to signing with Fluminense but the most successful trophy winner of all-time will wait until at least January to make a decision.

“ I come here to inform you that I have chosen not to sign with any club for the rest of the year,” he wrote on social media.

“I came to Brazil for a child’s dream, and the dream was fulfilled. To be a champion with the club of the heart is priceless.

“It’s not about money, it’s about values, it’s about manhood, it’s about character, IT’S ABOUT LEGACY.

“Difficult decisions need to be made, but as usual nothing in my life has been easy. It’s just another decision.

“Thank you all for your interest, but I would like the chapter to be closed without any interference.

“I know that many things were said, but the truth is only one, I came here for a dream and I leave here fulfilled.”

In addition, he made it clear that he was not retiring, using the hashtags #ITSNOTOVER and #IWILLBEBACK to his Instagram post.

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