😱 Cristiano Ronaldo's dedication is absolutely off the charts

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Joel Sanderson-Murray

Article image: 😱 Cristiano Ronaldo's dedication is absolutely off the charts

It’s not ground-breaking news to find out Cristiano Ronaldo is a bit of a machine.

To still be in the fantastic shape he is in at 34 and to find the physical ability to score goals like he does has taken beyond-human levels of commitment and dedication.

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Which probably explains why even after a long-term flight, there is no let up in the Juventus frontman’s efforts.

Former Sheffield Wednesday player, and Ronaldo’s close friend, José Semedo has revealed what Ronaldo’s first thought was after getting back to Madrid after a flight from China.

Speaking to RECORD, Semedo said: “Legs outstretched. I was imagining that spa in his [Ronaldo’s] house.

“Putting my back in the swimming pool, having a massage to relax. That’s all I could think about.

“But we got to Madrid, it was 2:3oam. He went to his room and got ready, came into my room and said: ‘Seme, we’re going for a run.’

“I got ready and we went. I thought: ‘this guy is crazy’.”

Crazy or dedicated? You be the judge.