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Connor Goldson costs Rangers yet more in Europe

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We don’t want to point the finger at Rangers players these days, but unfortunately we’re going to. And you know exactly who it’s at.

That’s right, Connor Goldson Esq.

The defender, who held us to ransom for 20 months before settling and signing the deal because no other clubs came in for him, was once again at huge fault for both of Tuesday’s goals.

Let’s go back here:

UEL final:

He was massively culpable for not clearing his lines, and letting the ball go straight through him to the gleeful striker.

Union Saint:

Turns his back on the play and loses all bearings, giving Saint a pretty easy finish. Then throws his arm up in an ‘unnatural’ position to cost us a penalty and the second goal.


Ducks, that’s right, he DUCKS the cross and closes his eyes, losing all awareness, heading the ball perfectly against the PSV striker, practically assisting the opener, then gets weakly beaten in the air having got caught for goalside for the second.

It is not fair to say Goldson cost us the UEL trophy and the incredible rewards that came with it, but the more goals his incompetence leads to, the more we have to question his legitimacy for playing for this club at this level.

Now let’s be clear – Goldson was arguably the top-rated defender in the UEL last season, his stats being outstanding.

But in the final that counts for sweet EFF A if you don’t clear your lines. It counts for the same amount if you make two clear gaffes in Belgium requiring the team to bail you out in the second leg.

And it counts for even less if you cost your side two goals in the first leg putting a group place in the UCL in serious doubt.

All the abuse James Sands has been getting, and we wonder how much of it is being tarred by association with Goldson, who has a mistake in him every time it counts.

We aren’t trying to pin everything on Goldson, any little thing that goes wrong, but Lord he doesn’t half make it easy to do so anyway.

He’s untouchable, undroppable, immune – and he will be so for the next four years.

It doesn’t matter what this piece said, it doesn’t matter if you agree or you don’t – it’s moot.

He will always play. Nothing else we can add.

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