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·27 January 2023

CONMEBOL & Concacaf strike partnership for Copa America, W Gold Cup and new tournament

Article image:CONMEBOL & Concacaf strike partnership for Copa America, W Gold Cup and new tournament

CONMEBOL and Concacaf announced the signing of a strategic collaboration agreement that includes the 2024 Copa America, 2024 W Gold Cup and a new competition that boasts teams from both federations.

“CONMEBOL and Concacaf are united by historical and affective ties. But above all, we are united by the passion, characteristic of all the Americas, for football and sports. We are determined to renew and expand our joint initiatives and projects,” said Alejandro Domínguez, president of CONMEBOL.

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“We want this passion to translate into more and better competitions and for football and its values to grow and strengthen throughout the hemisphere. Without a doubt, both confederations believe in big, and we will work with this orientation.”

To kick off, the 2024 Copa America will now include six concacaf nations in addition to all 10 CONMEBOL participants, and is set to be played in the United States. The competition’s format will not change, to preserve the traditional structure. The six Concacaf national teams will have the opportunity to qualify for this competition through the 2023/24 Concacaf Nations League.

The Concacaf W Gold Cup will then host the top four CONMEBOL national teams, to compete alongside the Concacaf participants. The inaugural edition of this 12-team tournament is set to be a key part of 'Concacaf’s new women's national team ecosystem'.

This competition will also be played in the United States.

“This is a partnership to support the ongoing growth of men’s and women’s football in Concacaf and CONMEBOL, and will truly be of mutual benefit to both Confederations,” added Victor Montagliani, president of Concacaf.

Working hand in hand with CONMEBOL, we will deliver elite competitions that will provide more opportunities for our federations, and that we know passionate fans want to see. We look forward to working together to ensure that football in both regions continues to thrive.”

Lastly, the deal will see the creation of a brand new tournament that boasts the participation of  'the best men's club in South America and Concacaf' in a 'final four' style. The four participants, two from each confederation, will qualify through existing CONMEBOL and Concacaf club competitions.

The first edition is set to be played in 2024.

The agreement was created to support all teams, and 'provide more high-quality competition for its men's and women’s national teams over the next two years'.

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