Confirmed – Arsenal announce they are officially a part of the Super League

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It really is happening. Arsenal have disgracefully officially announced that they are a part of the already derided European Super League.

This is not going to end well. The Premier League, UEFA, and the other participating clubs FA’s have already condemned this and they are almost certain to act.

There is now a very strong possibility that Arsenal, along with the other treacherous clubs will be thrown out of their domestic leagues.

Make no bones about this, it is a massive power grab and it means that the Champions League will be disbanded and that qualification is no longer on merit.

There is no relegation, no promotion, nothing.

It makes the race for top four and all the excitement and disappointment that brings utterly redundant.

Arsenal can finish 15th in the Premier League if they are by some miracle allowed to compete and still qualify for this monstrous competition.

It means that all the other Premier League clubs with a rich history, like Aston Villa, Leeds United, West Ham, Everton, Leicester City and so on will be deprived of much-needed revenue and opportunity.

Tonight football, as we know it, has died.