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Comolli: Henderson didn't need Liverpool to be career success

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Former Liverpool football chief Damien Comolli says Jordan Henderson would've been a success even if he had not moved to Anfield.

Henderson was signed by Comolli, choosing Anfield over Fulham as he was leaving Sunderland.

Speaking to the Football Journeys Podcast, Comolli said: "I am a strong believer that the more talented a player is the more you have to wait for him. I was of the opinion of if they have talent then give them time.

"I think if Jordan would have gone to Fulham he would have ended up at Real Madrid, or Barcelona, or Bayern Munich. I know he would have been at a massive club and ended up being a massive player, that's for sure.

"The younger the player is and the more talented he is then the more we should wait."

"I'm proud of what he's achieved himself, not for myself or anything like that. I'm proud of him.

"After the Champions League final I texted him and said 'I'm so proud of you'.

"I'm going to sound arrogant but what he has achieved is what we thought he could achieve. We were convinced he could be a Liverpool captain and we were convinced he could replaced Stevie (Gerrard). We were convinced he could get to the level he is at etc etc.

"That is amazing success driven by his personality, his inner drive, his intrinsic motivation, his obsession for improvement. It is all down to him."

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