Club denies Rangers have made £5M bid for midfielder

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Heerenveen have denied Rangers have bid for midfielder Joey Veerman after media reports alleged both Steven Gerrard’s side and Hellas Veronas of Italy had both made financial offers to the Dutch side.

Speaking recently, Heerenveen coach Johnny Jansen confirmed not only had Rangers not bid for the 22-year old, but HV hadn’t either, as he said:

“The state of affairs is that I don’t really know anything about [Veerman’s immediate future]. Ultimately, the ball is in Ferry de Haan’s [Heerenveen’s transfer chief] court. If there is eventually interest [in Veerman] and it becomes clear, then it will be reported to me. But I haven’t heard anything about that, so it must be nothing to worry about.”

The telling part here is that Jansen is completely poo pooing any tangible bids or interest in the Eredivisie star, claiming that if there was a bid for the midfielder, he’d have been told.

So either Jansen is lying or Rangers (and indeed HV) have no interest in the former Volendam player. Or at least, haven’t made any bids for him.

So it would appear the reports of a £5M Rangers bid rising to £7.5M were considerably wide of the mark, and may have been the work of Veerman’s agent trying to encourage bids to be submitted.

Veerman, for his part, is quoted as wanting to leave, but it wouldn’t be the first time quotes had been fabricated either. But in fairness, those quotes were from a fairly respected Dutch outlet by the name of Leeuwarder Courant and probably not fake.

Anyway, as for bids, none received, it appears, and Rangers’ interest, if real, certainly hasn’t got to the point of a bid.

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