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Clasicos have to be won no matter what - Alan Mozo.

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This Saturday's match has many stories to tell and one of them will be that of Alan Mozo, who will be playing his first Clasico Tapatio wearing the Guadalajara jersey, so despite the bad moment the team is going through, he feels motivated and with an absolute obligation to beat the city's rival.

This is what Alan Mozo said at the press conference:

"The pressure changes because of the team where I am now, when I debuted in one of the worst moments in the history of Pumas, but the only way to reverse bad times is with work."

"The fans have every right to express themselves as they wish, if they go to the stadium, deep down they do it to be supportive."

"Personally, I have felt the backing of the fans and it motivates me, hopefully on Saturday we all have the best energy."

"Clasicos are games that have to be won, the "how" they are won doesn't matter".

"I have played many clásicos, the game that everyone wants to play in and win".

"We have to show that in Guadalajara Chivas are the boss and that's the mentality we will have on Saturday".

"It's a week where you work differently, we can't give away spaces because they're a strong opponent, that's why they've been doing well lately."

"The rivalry stays on the pitch, starting with us and then with the fans."

"Regardless of the fact that we are in the last places we know we have to win."

"We all lose and we all win, no one is saved when the team is playing badly".

"I am also to blame, we are all responsible for this situation".

"No one in this club works to lose, we feel embarrassed and we want to break out of this rough patch".

"I like (my actions) to speak on the pitch, I'm focused on Saturday's match and I want to take it one day at a time."

"Chivas should never be in the last places, we will come out of this stronger."

"I feel sad, but at the same time very motivated."

"Every day I am closer to my best version, I have a lot left to give to this club and I am going to show it on the field".

"The group of physios and doctors at Chivas is impressive, they have helped me with the discomfort in my knee."

"The competition has always been strong from the National Youth Teams, any player who plays for Chivas is close to the national team".

"I work and live to be in the national team".

"Any Mexican who is signed by a foreign team is a source of pride".

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