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Chivas tried until the end, but let the win escape in Clásico Tapatío

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In a match envolved with refereeing polemics, which included a red card per side, Guadalajara showed ambition to keep the 3 points, especially in the game’s final phase, when they lived around the opponent’s goal, but once again lacked the necessary efficiency and had to conform with a 1-1 tie against the city rival, in the Clásico Tapatío of match week 8 of Apertura 2022.

40 seconds were enough for El Rebaño to show its intentions to devour them opponent; Chelo robbed a ball pressing up high and Isaac Brizuela had finished with cold blood on a one-on-one against the goalkeepe, but the goal was disallowed due to offside. At the 10th minute, the city neighbor stayed with a man less on the pitch after Luis Reyes was sent off after kicking ‘Cone’s’ face. Ten minutes later, Gilberto Orozco sent a long ball from our own half and ‘Chelo’ headed the ball inside the box but Vargas stopped. At the 24th, ‘Nene’ combined with ‘Lalo’ Torres, who from the edge of the box passed the ball to Alexis attempting to leave him one-on-one against the goalkeeper, but the ball went wide. In the next play, ‘Nene’ dibbled some coverage and shooted from mid-distance but the ball left just above the crossbar.

At the 31st, ‘Lalo’ Torres appeared uncovered some meters away from the edge of the box to send a low strike that the red and black goalkeeper saved. Three minutes later, Alexis looked for the top right corner in a free kick, but the ball passed near the goal. At the 37th, the referee leveled the match by showing Ponce a red card due to allegedly stepping on an Atlas player. At the 39th, Olivas played the ball out and after not finding a passing option, he attempted a long-distance shot but the ball went wide. Alexis almost scored the first of the night through a free kick at the 45th minute, but his potent right-footed shot hit the crossbar. In stoppage time, ‘Chelo’ received standing backwards from the goal but his shot didn’t have the desired direction.

At the 51st, ‘Cone’ surprised everyone by attempting a free kick which Alexis tried to connect at first touch, but he didn’t manage to impact the ball tue way he wanted to. The away team replied with a cross by Quiñones that Furch headed but went wide. The city neighbor inaugurated the scoreboard at the 62nd, when Quiñones scored a tricky free kick that sneaked into the goal after nobody connected it. At the 68th, ‘Wacho’ enlarged his figure under the 3 posts after sending a Quiñones shot to the corner kick. Two minutes later, ‘Piojo’ Alvarado sent a venomous ‘foot searcher’ that Santiago Ormeño controlled inside the box backwards from the goal, turned and shooted, but the defense blocked away to corner kick.

The Chiverío did not desist looking for the equalizer. At the 72nd, ‘Piojo’ dibbled coverage with a hip movement and sent a shot from the right of the edge of the box, but the his shot was deflected. Vargas avoided the equalizer; first at the 74th where he saved a strike from ‘Charal’ Cisneros and then, in the next play, he flew to save with both hands a violent shot that ‘Piojo’ had sent from the half moon. ‘Charal’ equalized at the 82nd after receiving a pass from ‘Nene’ which left him by himself in front of goal, where he finished formidably. In stoppage time, Ormeño let the win escape on 2 occasions since he sent a header that went out by a bit and in the last play of the match he missed a one-on-one against the goalkeeper. Guadalajara will not dispute its mid-week MW9 fixture meeting against Tigres and therefore, the next match will be MW10 against Necaxa on Friday, August 19th at Rayos Stadium.

Guadalajara 1-1 Atlas (Carlos Cisneros 82’) (Julián Quiñones 62’) Referee:Estadio Akron

Line Ups:- Guadalajara: 23 Miguel Jiménez, 17 Jesús Sánchez (booked 61’) (24 Carlos Cisneros at 62’), 3 Gilberto Sepúlveda, 15 Luis Olivas (26 Cristian Calderón at 71’), 13 Gilberto Orozco, 16 Miguel Ponce (sent off at 37’), 29 Eduardo Torres (6 Pável Pérez at 71’), 20 Fernando Beltrán, 11 Isaac Brizuela (25 Roberto Alvarado at 62’), 10 Alexis Vega and 9 Ángel Zaldívar (14 Santiago Ormeño at 45’). H.C. Ricardo Cadena

- Atlas: 12 Camilo Vargas, 4 Javier Abella, 29 Emanuel Aguilera (booked 86’), 5 Anderson Santamaría (booked 33’), 8 Aníbal Chalá (booked 18’), 6 Edgar Zaldívar (booked 43’), 18 Jeremy Márquez (19 Edyarth Ortega at 78’), 7 Ozzie Herrera (15 Diego Barbosa at 78’), 14 Luis Reyes (sent off at 8’), 33 Julián Quiñones and 9 Julio Furch (10 Edinson Flores at 65’). H.C. Diego Cocca

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