Chivas' participation in Clausura 2024 comes to an end | OneFootball

Chivas' participation in Clausura 2024 comes to an end | OneFootball

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·18 May 2024

Chivas' participation in Clausura 2024 comes to an end

Article image:Chivas' participation in Clausura 2024 comes to an end

Guadalajara fought for almost 100 minutes on the field of the Azteca Stadium for a place in the Final of the Clausura 2024, but lost by the minimum difference against América in the second leg of the Semifinals.

From the start of the match, the Red-and-White team was aware that a win would allow them to advance to the next stage, which is why they generated opportunities that demanded every last effort from their rival. Even with the disadvantage on the scoreboard, Fernando Gago's team fought for every ball until the final whistle.

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Chivas thus closes a tournament in which it achieved important collective and individual milestones, and will begin to prepare for its participation in the AP24, in which it will seek to surpass what it achieved in the current semester. It will be in the following days when the work logistics of the Rojiblanca Preseason will be announced.

The goals:- Israel Reyes opened the scoring for the home team at 59', with a header.

The dangerous ones:- At 5', 'Piojo' made a pass between the lines to project Marín, who controlled inside the area and shot across, but Lichnovsky managed to take away the power of the ball.- At 13', 'Piojo' made the Azteca's crossbar and the entire Azteca shake, after he connected with a first-time shot off a defensive rebound, but the ball crashed into the metal.- At 23', the 'Nene' filtered down the left flank in search of Castillo, who first-timed a header that the backline burst just before Marín sent it into the back of the net.- At 28', Pável broke Israel Reyes' waist twice to leave him lying inside the area and then shot a right-footed shot that went just outside the net.- At 53', 'Piojo' escaped at full speed from his own field and then gave the ball to 'Nene', who tried his luck from half distance, but over-crossed his shot that went just wide of the left post.- At 62', 'Nene' put in a cross to the second post, but Marín's header did not find its way to the goal.

América 1-0 Guadalajara(Israel Reyes at 59')Referee: César Arturo Ramos PalazuelosAzteca Stadium


América: 1 Luis Malagón; 3 Israel Reyes, 29 Ramón Juárez, 31 Igor Lichnovsky, 6 Jonathan Dos Santos (16 Santiago Naveda at 88'), 8 Álvaro Fidalgo, 10 Diego Valdés (26 Salvador Reyes at 75'), 17 Alejandro Zendejas, 18 Cristian Calderón (2 Luis Fuentes at 88'), 33 Julián Quiñones and 21 Henry Martín (20 Richard Sánchez at 75').D.T. André Jardine

Guadalajara: 27 Raúl Rangel, 2 Alan Mozo (24 Carlos Cisneros at 72'), 13 Gilberto Chiquete (AM at 37'), 3 Gilberto Sepúlveda, 21 José Castillo; 28 Rubén González (15 Erick Gutiérrez at 72' (AM at 85')), 20 Fernando Beltrán, 5 Víctor Guzmán (14 Javier Hernández at 58'), 6 Pável Pérez (16 Cade Cowell at 45'), 25 Roberto Alvarado and 19 Ricardo Marín.D.T. Fernando Gago

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