Chivas owner Jorge Vergara dies at 64


Blaise Bourgeois

Article image: Chivas owner Jorge Vergara dies at 64

Chivas president Amaury Vergara confirmed on Friday afternoon that his father and owner of Chivas Jorge Vergara has died after going into cardiac arrest.

Jorge Vergara was 64 years old.

Amaury Vergara released the following statement: “It’s with profound sadness and pain that I want to communicate that my father, Jorge Carlos Vergara Madrigal, president and founder of Grupo Omnilife Chivas, left this life today due to a cardiac arrest on Nov. 14 in the city of New York, United States.”

Vergara’s health had been long in question after he resigned from the president’s post back in June, leaving the club in the hands of Amaury.

Vergara bought Chivas back in 2002 and brought the club much success, winning the 2006 Liga MX Apertura, the 2017 Liga MX-Copa MX Clausura double as well as the 2018 CONCACAF Champions League title.

Vergara was incredibly business savvy and capitalised on the Chivas name, removing any sponsorship from their kits and branding products all around Mexico with the Chivas logo.

Vergara also attempted to expand the Chivas brand by founding Major League Soccer franchise Chivas USA in 2004, though the franchise folded in 2014.

Clubs all around Mexico paid their respect to Vergara, including rivals Club América, who said, “Vergara was a great businessman and football man. We join the grief that seizes your family and friends.”