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Chivas’ Medical Report

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Chivas' Sports Science Department reports on the condition of Sergio Flores, Miguel Ponce and Miguel Jimenez; the first 2 underwent surgical procedures, while the last one will be recovering after coming off due to injury in the second leg of Clausura 2022’s QuarterFinals.

"Sergio had an injury to the lateral meniscus and the external femoral condyle of his right knee, so this Wednesday he underwent a meniscus repair, in which the damaged part of the meniscus was removed, and he also had done microfractures in the cartilage of the femoral condyle, which is the region where the femur is like a cylinder and where you can bend the knee, so it was important for these injuries to be repaired. The prognosis for his return to competition is 10 to 12 weeks”.

"We had Sergio’s injury in sight and during the season we were holding it, treating the pain and inflammation, so it is really a feat that he has had this continuity with the team’s starting 11 and we decided that at the end of the season he would have to go in for a scan and cleaning, and that happened today in the morning”.

"Miguel Ponce underwent surgery to repair his nasal septum, which was deviated, so that he doesn’t have any problems and can breathe perfectly; he will be able to start the preseason alongside his teammates".

"El 'Wacho' has a small muscle injury in the long adductor of his right leg, which is his supporting leg; in a clearance this small load was generated, it is a very small muscle injury, so he will be ready for the preseason".

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