Chivas Femenil painted Guadalajara red and white (no matter when you read this). | OneFootball

Chivas Femenil painted Guadalajara red and white (no matter when you read this).

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The Campeona2 y Chingona2 remain unbeatable in the Apertura 2022 and this Saturday at mid day were able to fulfill the forecast by overcoming their cross-town rivals without any major setbacks in Day 7 of the Liga MX Femenil, maintaining their perfect pace in the competition and extending their unbeaten streak in the Clasico Tapatio to 6 matches, the last 4 of which being victories.

The Red and White siege began immediately, as at 3' Alicia Cervantes left Arlett Tovar in her wake with a self-pass, headed into the box and, upon reaching the back line, put in a back pass that the defensive line broke up just before Rubí Soto was able to send it into the net. 6th minute, 'Licha' sends Joseline Montoya down the flank, who put in a powerful pass that Cervantes took on the run, but the ball crashed into the outside of the net. At 9' Casandra Montero made a long run from her side leaving Soto at an advantage and on entering the area she sent the ball to Caro who took a first time shot, straight into the goalkeeper's hands. The "Home" team were able to shake off the Chiva dominance at 21', long enough for Zellyka Arce to manage to get off a shot from mid-distance, wide of the goal.

Adriana Iturbide came within a whisker of opening the scoring; first at 25' she headed a cross to the far post that went wide and a minute later tried to clear Gaby Paz with a header from the penalty spot, but the goalkeeper saved the goal with her fingernails. At 31', 'Licha' shook off her mark and then tried her luck from the halfway line, but the ball did not bend enough. Chivas Femenil found their just reward to their absolute dominance at 41', when Caro put in a cross from three-quarters of the field and the 'Depredadora' anticipated the goalkeeper's challenge to push the ball into the back of the net.

In the 52nd minute, Andrea García surprised with a long right-footed shot that went over the crossbar, but five minutes later the Rebaño extended their lead when Rubí put a pass through the lines that left 'Licha' alone in front of goal to take advantage of the pass and shoot past Paz. However, at 61', the Red-and-black team shortened the gap on the scoreboard with a shot by Arce. Five minutes later, Soto escaped at full speed, and slipped her pass towards Cervantes leaving her clear, but she was disarmed as she was about to pull the trigger.

With the fatigue generated by the intense heat felt at midday in the Perla Tapatía, added to the trip to Texas for the friendly match against Inter Milan in the middle of the week, Guadalajara administered their effort and put the game "on Ice", but without completely renouncing their attack, sealing the match at '75 by scoring a third goal from the corner, extended by Gaby with a header for 'Boyi' to appear in the heart of the box and score with a palomita (dove-shot). In the 82nd minute, Blanca Felix came up big in goal to beat Plancarte in a one-on-one situation. Chivas Femenil's next match will be against Santos on Friday, August 19 at the Akron Stadium.

Atlas 1-3 Chivas Femenil(Zellyka Arce at 61')(Alicia Cervantes at 41' and 57', Adriana Iturbide at 75')Referee: Martín Molina AstorgaJalisco Stadium

Lineups:Atlas: 1 Gaby Paz, 12 Natividad Martínez, 3 Fernanda Limón, 4 Arlett Tovar, 17 Janeth Hernandez (27 Alexa Curiel at 60'), 14 Sabrina Figueroa, 10 Zellyka Arce (AM at 30') (57 Noemí Villalobos at 77'), 8 Andrea García (18, 6 Valeria Razo, 13 Norma Palafox (30 Magaly Cuadrado at 77') and 7 Tania Morales (29 Sulma Plancarte at 54').Coach Fabiola Vargas

Chivas Femenil: 12 Blanca Félix, 26 Araceli Torres, 4 Michelle González, 5 Karol Bernal (23 Cynthia Rodríguez at 85'), 3 Damaris Godínez, 15 Rubí Soto (9 Gabriela Valenzuela at 68'), 7 Casandra Montero (18 Susan Bejarano at 68'), 8 Carolina Jaramillo (AM at 58'), 13 Joseline Montoya (14 Isabel Kasis at 80'), 10 Adriana Iturbide (16 Victoria Acevedo at 80') and 24 Alicia Cervantes (AM at 86').Coach Juan Pablo Alfaro

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