Chivas defeats Tuzos and aims for the Liguilla directly | OneFootball

Chivas defeats Tuzos and aims for the Liguilla directly | OneFootball

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Club Deportivo Guadalajara

·13 April 2024

Chivas defeats Tuzos and aims for the Liguilla directly

Article image:Chivas defeats Tuzos and aims for the Liguilla directly

Guadalajara knew that the only result that would allow them to keep their direct Liguilla aspirations alive was a win and, aware of this, they played a great match against Pachuca, defeating them 0-1 this Saturday night at the Hidalgo Stadium, which, as has become customary, was painted in red and white with the thousands of ChivaHermanos who turned out to support them and were the real 12th player for the Rebaño.

After earning three points on matchday 15 of the Clausura 2024, Chivas reached 25 points and momentarily climbed to sixth place overall. Their next game will be at the Akron Stadium on Saturday, April 20, against Querétaro, another of the teams looking to secure a direct pass to the Final Phase.

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The goals- The Rebaño opened the scoring at 41' when Alan Mozo reached the last third of the field and put in a cross that center-back Berlanga deflected just before Ricardo Marín headed it in, but the ball was headed toward goal, and Cabral, in his attempt to break it up, ended up pushing it into the back of the net.

The dangerous ones- At 7', Raúl Rangel controlled a low shot by Oussama Idrissi.- At minute 11, 'Piojo' put in a cross to the far post that the goalkeeper cut off just before Pavel Pérez made contact with the ball.- At 14', 'Cone' Brizuela cut inside and then gave the ball to Piojo, who fired a powerful shot that went just over the goal.- At 15', Pavel shook off the mark and filtered with an advantage for 'Piojo', who entered the area and shot a left-footed shot, but the ball went just wide of the left corner.- At 32', a tremendous sequence of passes by Guadalajara, ended with a cross shot by '4k' Marín that went just wide of the base of the right post.- At 75', 'Tala' Rangel flew to send to the corner a shot from the front by Deossa, which was trying to go in close to the left post.- At 82', 'Guti' gave a handball to Cade Cowell, who controlled the ball close to his foot on the edge of the six-yard box and shot, but his low shot was too wide.- A minute later, Cowell unleashed a shot from the front that the goalkeeper cleared off the line to prevent Guadalajara's second goal.

Pachuca 0-1 Guadalajara(Gustavo Cabral AG at 41')Referee: Jesús Rafael López ValleHidalgo Stadium

Lineups:Pachuca: 25 Carlos Moreno, 22 Gustavo Cabral, 33 Andrés Micolta, 183 Jorge Berlanga (AM at 35')(24 Luis Rodríguez at 59'), 8 Bryan González, 5 Pedro Pedraza (196 Elías Montiel at 45'), 10 Erick Sánchez (AM at 29'), 6 Nelson Deossa, 28 Jesús Hernández (199 Miguel Rodríguez at 45'), 11 Oussama Idrissi and 23 Salomón Rondón.D.T. Guillermo Almada (EXP at 56')

Guadalajara: 27 Raúl Rangel, 2 Alan Mozo (17 Jesús Sánchez at 72'), 3 Gilberto Sepúlveda (AM at 20'), 13 Gilberto Chiquete, 21 José Castillo (43 Leonardo Sepúlveda at 78' (AM at 80')), 15 Erick Gutiérrez, 20 Fernando Beltrán (AM at 72'), 25 Roberto Alvarado (AM at 49'), 11 Isaac Brizuela (28 Rubén González at 72'), 6 Pavel Pérez (AM at 45')(16 Cade Cowell at 78') and 19 Ricardo Marín.D.T. Fernando Gago

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