Chivas could be in danger of being 'relegated' next season


Blaise Bourgeois

Article image: Chivas could be in danger of being 'relegated' next season

After a pair of 2-0 losses last week against rivals Club América, you would think the week for Chivas could not get any worse.

Well, after hearing this news, it just might.

Chivas need to gain some crucial points this season otherwise they could be relegated next season based on the relegation rules in Mexico.

However, in Liga MX, you can pay your way out of relegation with 120 million pesos (€5.5m).

In Liga MX, relegation is calculated based on your total points over a three-year span and dividing that total by the total number of games played over that time period.

Veracruz has already all but clinched relegation and if they decided to pay the fine, they will start next season as a ‘newly-promoted’ team and start fresh.

At the moment for the 2019-20 relegation quotient table, Chivas are currently in 15th place – earning just 68 points from their last 62 matches.

Only Atlas, Querétaro, and a fresh Veracruz / promoted team are currently lower.

Current 2019-20 relegation quotient table

  • 14th: Lobos – 33 points from 28 games, 1.1786
  • 15th: Chivas – 68 points from 62 games, 1.0968
  • 16th: Atlas – 64 points from 62 games, 1.0323
  • 17th: Querétaro – 64 points from 62 games, 1.0323
  • 18th: Veracruz/other – 0 points from 0 games, 0