Chelsea defender Zouma: Attacking Lampard wants us pressing higher

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Article image: Chelsea defender Zouma: Attacking Lampard wants us pressing higher

Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma admits manager Frank Lampard wants them to play a high-pressing game.

Chelsea conceded three for yesterday's 3-3 draw at West Brom.

And going into the game, Zouma revealed Lampard wants the defence to deploy a high-line: "He has been a player here so he knows the kind of feeling of the player, he knows how to talk to us with great advice and for myself, he gives me the confidence, just helped to get it back and I try to do my best every time he puts me in.

"He has been a legend here so he wants to defend the badge, he loves Chelsea and he wants to play attractive football too which is a bit different than before. He wants to attack a lot, press higher, which is good for us.

He added: "All the guys have been working very hard so the competition is there so anyone who deserves to play will play and we are going to do great.

"We have a great team and more players came in with great qualities and we want to reach the top.

"We have the quality for that but we know it is not going to be easy, the other teams are also good. The league is very tough, but of course we want to do better than last year and win some trophies."