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Chelsea boss Tuchel: No-one here wants to wear 'cursed' No9 shirt

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel has revealed he can't giveaway their No9 shirt.

He has made the extraordinary claim that the Chelsea No9 is 'cursed' and that none of his players want to touch it.

Boss Tuchel said: “It's cursed, it's cursed — people tell me it's cursed.

“It's not the case we are leaving it open for tactical reasons, for players to come in and take it.

“There was not a big demand for No 9, like when players sometimes want to change numbers. Surprisingly, nobody wants to touch it.

“Everybody who has been at the club longer than me tells me, 'Ah, you know, he had the nine and he did not score... and he had the nine and also did not score'.

“So we now have a moment where nobody wants to touch the number nine. I'm superstitious, I can understand why players maybe don't touch it and have other preferences.

“It's like this but I think Raheem Sterling will help us a lot and in general it's our responsibility to create more offensive positions to have maybe more players in the box."

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