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Celtic boss Postecoglou seeking 'more levels' from Greg Taylor

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Thomas Stockting

Celtic manager Ange Postecoglou heaped praise on full-back Greg Taylor but admitted he’s looking for more from the Scottish defender.

Having signed Argentine left-back Alexandro Bernabei this summer, questions arose around Taylor’s place in the team but the Postecoglou insisted that he was happy with the 24-year-old.

“Greg has been great. He started the season okay last year and then he got that shoulder injury. He had to fight his way back after that, but he had a real good run-in towards the end of the season,” said the Australian manager.

“The way we play with our full-backs is a little bit different and Greg has adapted really well to it […] but he wants to get better. That’s the important thing – he wants to improve.

“I am pleased that he is continuing to develop his game. But I also think there are more levels to come from him.”

Celtic are back in action on Sunday when they travel to Kilmarnock.