🎥 Cardiff boss Neil Warnock has some very strong views on Brexit

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Dan Burke

Article image: 🎥 Cardiff boss Neil Warnock has some very strong views on Brexit

For some reason, Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock was asked for his opinion on Brexit after his side’s 0-0 draw with Huddersfield on Saturday.

It might not surprise you to learn that the 70-year-old is in favour of Britain leaving the European Union.

Here’s what he had to say …

“I don’t know why politicians don’t do what the country wants, if I’m honest,” Warnock told reporters.

“They had a referendum and now we see different politicians and everyone else trying to put their foot in it … Why did we have a referendum in the first bloody place?

“I can’t wait to get out of it, if I’m honest. I think we’ll be far better out of the bloody thing. In every aspect. Football-wise as well, absolutely.

“To hell with the rest of the world.”

Many people on Twitter were quick to point out the rather hypocritical nature of Warnock’s point of view.

Former Liverpool and England defender Jamie Carragher was also asked for his opinion on Brexit this weekend, and it seems he could not disagree more with Warnock.

“Yes, I was disappointed with the [referendum] result a couple of years ago and I still believe it will be the wrong decision if we finally leave the EU,” Carragher told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“If you lose a vote, you can’t then say the other people are wrong. That’s their opinion of how they see it.

“But there’s no doubt when you speak to people after the vote and you’re saying it hasn’t changed too much. I agree with you that people don’t like to admit maybe they were wrong and listen, who knows? Maybe we’ll see in the future, the future will tell us that.

“But things that I’m talking about, those people involved. The thing on the [Leave campaign] bus, that’s just a lie and a lot of people were swayed by that bus and how it was going to help the NHS.

“I’m convinced people would prefer to stay in the EU now. I don’t think it would be a massive landslide but I think it would be a lot more in favour of that.”