Cantwell should have known better, but so should Rangers fans | OneFootball

Cantwell should have known better, but so should Rangers fans | OneFootball

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·21 May 2024

Cantwell should have known better, but so should Rangers fans

Article image:Cantwell should have known better, but so should Rangers fans

As we covered earlier, Rangers fans’ reaction to Todd Cantwell is indicative of the toxicity currently in the support, a really stinky underbelly where the fans have become, in many ways, a real problem for this club.

We don’t deny for one second at Ibrox Noise that we have been mega-critical of the season we’ve just had, but we’ve reserved most of our comments for both managers this season, who, frankly, have been equally bad.

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We have been a little bit more generous with the players for the most part, even if fellow fans have been a lot harsher on them.

But the Cantwell incident is unsavoury, and the latest example of the bad current vibe spilling out.

What actually happened?

The playmaker posted an Instagram post ‘shooshing’ the fans, calling it, admittedly a bit cringely, a ‘shooshburger’.

We can’t be sure he aimed it at Rangers fans, but he probably did ala Fabio Silva at Ibrox, but while fans later actually defended Silva and criticised the supporters giving the Portuguese a hard time, Cantwell didn’t get the same leeway.

Indeed, he’s been widely-panned for the gesture, and especially for posting it online, whoever it was aimed at.

It’s the latest incident in fractiousness between the fans and the club, something we’ve not seen like this in a long time.

Why has this happened?

Because we blew the lead then the league, and fans are turning on anything they can to attack over that.

Now, Ibrox Noise, again, holds our hands up – we have been heavily critical, especially of the manager, and certainly of the players, so we’re not innocent ourselves.

But that’s just it – we’re not trying to pretend that we’re ‘better’ than anyone else, because we’re only human, like you.

But we will stop well short of abusing anyone on social networks – it’s not helpful, is it?

Fans are allowed opinions, always, but taking to social media to slag a player off with industrial language and borderline foul abuse is simply not on.

And that’s the vibe Cantwell and Silva are receiving – don’t get us wrong, neither of them help themselves, they both have ‘attitude’ issues, varyingly between them.

But the fans feed off that and then take it too far, and that’s where we’re at now.

It’s a very, very poor feel around the club at present, and when stuff like this happens, it only makes it worse still.

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