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Burnley fans comments on Chris Wood signing for Newcastle United – Very interesting!

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Burnley fans have been reacting to the news that Chris Wood is signing for Newcastle United.

Rumours had been circulating and then Tuesday night saw John Percy  of The Telegraph with the exclusive, Chris Wood heading up to Tyneside for his medical.

Other media swiftly followed, including the likes of Sky Sports, The Mail and others, reporting that Newcastle United had met the release clause figure and with the striker up for the move, there was nothing Burnley could do to stop the sale of their striker.

That release clause figure put at £20m by most media, although some claiming £25m. Also reported by The Mail that Chris Wood has the same agent(s) as Kieran Trippier.

Very interesting to read the comments from Burnley fans, as you will see below, the overwhelming majority obviously gutted by the news. Though naturally you have a vocal minority who are defiantly claiming that Chris Wood leaving is actually great news…

Chris Wood has scored 10+ Premier League goals in each of the past four seasons but only three in seventeen so far this time. The defiant few pointing to this as the striker now rapidly losing form and value, whilst the vast majority instead pointing to how badly the team have played and how few chances have been created for Wood.

With Newcastle United set to play away at Burnley on the final day of the season, that adds an extra edge, with all kinds of positive and negative possibilities in terms of what could happen if that proves to be a decisive match in the relegation battle.

Burnley fans commenting via their Up The Clarets

He will do well with the opportunities they provide.’

‘How on earth has this happened. To a relegation rival as well, couldn’t write it.’

‘My vision of the rebuilding of the frontline didn’t factor in the only quality striker leaving.’

‘Why all the negativity? He’s 30, scored 3 all year, barely looks to be putting it all in. We’ve got £20m and 3 weeks to sign a replacement.

Would you rather Newcastle have Wood up front or A N Other striker from abroad for £20m? Let’s have it right, he’s average at best.

This is how we have to operate. Sell and replace and refresh.

Could be the catalyst to our season and compound the start Newcastle have made.

Keep the faith!!’

‘The sad thing is you are serious.’

‘Looks all but done and dusted from what I’ve picked up. Bad news.’

‘Awful news. Losing him bad enough, losing him to rival is tragic.

Scored double figures regularly, finished last season very well 9/15 or something and is our best current striker (cornet not a striker). He leads our line and as seen when he came off v Leeds and Huddersfield we got even worse without him on the field. He splits opinion but for me this is really bad news and anyone who thinks the likes of Dykes or Moore could replace him will be sadly disappointed.’

‘Won’t Go Through.

He’ll Be Offside For The Medical…’

‘You would think we have a replacement lined up or else why would we sell him.’

‘That’s the problem with release clauses.’

‘If the release clause was 20 million they had our pants down.’

‘What on earth is going on at our club?’

‘Grim news!’

‘He’s been absolutely disgraceful this season so don’t worry about it too much. Lennon was better up front and he’s a 34 year old winger. Might allow us to build the squad up a bit as well.’

‘Has to be done, he’d be worth half that in the summer and would hold out to leave free. Move on, seasons gone…damage done months, years ago.’

‘Boy, what to say?’

‘Let’s hope Howe doesn’t really stick the boot in and offload Dwight Gayle to us!

Wood could have played the next 10 games for us without scoring because we are simply not creating anything.’

‘Is this the same Chris Wood people on here have whinged and whined about saying he should be dropped?’

‘Recognised by many that he was key to our survival hopes and shouldn’t be dropped.’

‘Club’s a mess, every aspect of it.’

‘A player of his age in the worse form since he arrived and we have got £20mil for him. We have finally learned to maximise value on players rather than let them run contracts down and go for free and some are saying it’s bad news.’

‘If better players are available for less, why aren’t Newcastle after him / them then?’

‘I’d like to know of a better striker available for 20m.’

‘Release clause activated.

If Wood wants to go that’s it.

He had a paddy when taken off by Dyche recently.’

‘It’s not really a suprise is it, he’s not been interested since we kicked off the new season. Wonder what our illustrious gaffer will think, his main striker sold.’

‘I’m really not bothered as long as we get someone better in.’

‘Sadly nothing can be done, the release clause was agreed and formed part of the contract signed by the club. If the offer comes in it is up to the player. At the time it was probably agreed because it was the only way to conclude his transfer from Leeds.’

‘I’d be amazed if a starting 11 striker came in this month.

The squad, regardless of Wood’s recent form, is nothing short of shambolic now.

This is us accepting our fate, unless someone is going to come in and score 6-8 goals minimum and Newcastle somehow implode.’

‘Don’t know why Wood is being so hyped up now. Yes he scored a lot in the last 4 years and I always defended him but now, this season, he’s been awful. £22 million for that!!’

‘Wow,looks like we have thrown the towel in,Dyche will go shortly as well I would imagine.’

‘Because Newcastle think he’s better than he is. He was good, now isn’t, and also Newcastle are trying to find any way they can to get ahead of a relegation rival.’

‘Whoever set that release clause, clearly doesn’t understand what release clauses are for. We’ve been had here massively.’

‘Perfect move from Newcastle.

Weakens us, and gives us 1 fit striker for the 2 biggest games of our season, which anything less than a win v Watford probably sees us relegated.’

‘Think we’ll look back in a season or two and feel we had their pants down.

Trippier swinging balls into him is a worry though.’

‘His agent must have touted that there was a release clause, and Wood wanted out otherwise how would NUFC know the figure?’

‘Difficult to find words for it other than we were powerless to block it. The need for one striker is now absolutely two this month. Do the club spend their way out of this or not?’

‘Chris Wood was supposedly injured and was replaced at half time on Saturday. Me thinks this deal was in the pipeline and he was being safeguarded.’

‘It’s bad news.

We’ve lost our main striker. We have nobody who will get us ten goals between now and the season end. We won’t sign anyone good enough who will get us ten goals between now and the end of the season. Our style of play will now need to change to accommodate the absence of Wood and as much as people would like to see us be a little more pleasing on the eye, we are too far down the road for that.’

‘He’s been garbage this season and looked very disinterested or lost what bit of pace he had.

He has never had a good 1st touch like Andre Gray.

What are we loosing in my opinion nothing as he’s averaged 3 out of ten this s season and that’s a high score to be fair. I’d say bloody giid business as he will be worse than Andy Carroll was on his return visit.’

‘Final nail in the coffin this season. We’re in deep sh.t!’

Hes not prem quality.’

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