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Burnley boss Dyche expects Newcastle to be major buyers in January

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Burnley boss Sean Dyche expects Newcastle to be major buyers in January.

Buying players mid-season has often proved difficult with clubs understandably reluctant to sell their best players to domestic rivals, but Dyche is well aware that money talks and that every player has his price.

“Most teams hang on and hang on and push the financial margins for obvious reasons because they know they only have a certain window to do the deal," Dyche said.

“It's very difficult to get deals done early because everyone's marketing each other's players and putting their own sales pitch out. It's not only agents by the way, the clubs do it as well and before you know it it's on the yellow line at the bottom of Sky (Sports News).

“Then of course you need a player who possibly has a reason to move. Money is obvious of course, or maybe there's a change of manager or a falling out with the current manager.

“All of these things go into it and you have a very short period to sort this out. There are a lot of people looking at each other's players, trying to align the deal and the right deals that can matter and not get into a position where you make deals that end up not mattering and can cost a lot of money.

“But maybe they (Newcastle) have got enough money to make things happen because everyone has a price in football. There are clubs I know that will just go: 'Yeah, okay we're going to sell'.

“Newcastle might have enough money, teams have done it in the past and they might be one of them. We will have to wait and see."

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