Brentford manager Frank waxes lyrical about Ivan Toney - 'Sky is the limit'

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Brentford manager Thomas Frank says Ivan Toney has the "mindset of a lion".

After scoring 31 goals in the Championship last season, the former Newcastle striker already has two to his name in the Premier League.

And Frank believes "the sky is the limit" for the 25-year-old.

"I'm not in doubt of the fact that his parents have helped him massively through his life, 100 per cent sure they have raised a fantastic young man with all the right values," said Frank ahead of Saturday's clash with Liverpool.

"He's faced a lot of setbacks in his career and that's where you get tested on your resilience, and he's shown himself to be very resilient, and he's got that tough mentality and belief.

"Ivan is very intelligent, because he's reflecting, and he deserves a lot of praise himself for also coming into a well-run club and listening to all the small bits and adding extra layers to his development and performance.

"If you want to be a top player you need to work hard, constantly reflect and want to learn and then of course you need to have that confidence that he's got so naturally.

"He's coming across so fantastically: he's humble, calm, but with a mindset of a lion.

"I think for every person or player the sky's the limit, then we will see in the future where they go.

"First I just want to enjoy Ivan here in my team, and see him grow and be as good as possible, and then we'll see what happens in the future."

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