Boxer Paul Smith slams the Liverpool fans doing too much moaning on social media

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Boxer Paul Smith has sent a rather poetic tweet regarding those who are complaining too much online.

Liverpool are the current Premier League champions, and despite our horrendous luck this season from both officials and with injuries, we’ll go top of the table on Sunday if we beat Manchester United.

Yet the fact the club has decided (we think) to not buy a new centre-back has caused many of the former FSG-out brigade to rear their heads again with hyperbolic statements.

While we agree Liverpool not buying a centre-half this January is silly, we’re not going to disregard the fact that in the past two seasons, we’ve literally won the Champions League and the Premier League in FSG’s vision.

Paul Smith agrees.

Whenever a team goes through a rough patch, there’s always going to be murmurings of discontent, and that’s understandable.

Hopefully, the team can do the business at Anfield this weekend and enjoy a much better run into February, as we have a number of enormous, season defining matches on the horizon.