Bordalás: “We need to play a great game in order to get the three points against Rayo Vallecano” | OneFootball

Bordalás: “We need to play a great game in order to get the three points against Rayo Vallecano”

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Can you speak about the importance of the fans when supporting the team?

The fans are key. I respect what they think, but my mind is set on Rayo. I am one hundred percent sincere and I trust that they will get behind the team. This is what I transmit to the players every day; Mestalla deserves that the 11 players give their all, because they are professionals and because we have a responsibility to the magnificent fans of Valencia CF. The fans are the heart of Mestalla."

What do you think about Gayà and Soler’s contract situation? Do you hope for their renewal?

We have said it repeatedly. We know what they mean for Valencia, for the club and for the fans. We are confident that they will continue at Valencia CF. Their commitment is the maximum. They love Valencia CF. We trust that everything will end as we want, and that we can continue with two magnificent players like Gayà and Soler.

Do you expect CVC money for winter additions? These are issues that we address internally. We always trust that we have the possibility of improving the squad in a specific position.

Do you to keep the players who are on loan?

I do not think beyond the immediate. I do not think in the medium or long term. Right now it is not a concern. My concern is that the team continue to perform at the level they are doing -and even better. They need to make their mark and show that they want to help Valencia. That is my obligation.

Do you want to sign a defender and a midfielder?

I can’t answer that because it’s not the time to talk about that. These are issues that we address internally and we’ll decide what to do based on our needs in the next few weeks.

Are you going to meet Peter Lim soon?

We’ll set up a time to speak and analyze and assess the winter market.

How is Thierry Rendall?

He is evolving in a favorable way but he won’t be ready tomorrow. We are optimistic, it seems that the annoyances have disappeared. He looks happy and evolves favorably. At the moment we cannot count on him, but he is improving. The feelings of him are very good.

How are Gabriel Paulista and Lato?

On Gabi, his injury was going very well, but he had a relapse in the hamstring. He is getting better. Lato is working normally like the rest of his teammates. We will see what decision we make. His form is not the best because he hasn’t been playing for a while.

Is there a Rayo player you would like to have? Is he a direct rival?

Right now he is a direct rival because we play against him. We will have to make an assessment at the end of LaLiga and see what we are going to be fighting for. Rayo have good footballers, without a doubt, but for me the best are those of Valencia CF. I am not envious of any team, I mean it sincerely. They have good footballers, but so do we. We can grow and improve. Our performance can be better than what we’ve showed so far.

It is not my decision. I can pass on the information I have. At a scientific and medical level, there are doctors who know more than I do.

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