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Bordalás: "We have to change this dynamic and start to get good results"

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What is your analysis of the game? Overall, we didn't play well. In the second half we were better offensively, and we generated more chances on goal, but defensively we conceded too many. That gave Rayo an opportunity, and they are very comfortable on transitions. We lost the ball, and the goal came from a succession of corners that we were unable to clear. If we do not improve in defence, we will have difficulties in winning games. What happens to make the team take one step forward and two steps back? We cannot define it that way. We are in a bad dynamic of results. Today we faced opponents in great form, who press and are demanding. We knew this, but we were not comfortable in many phases of the game. We need continuity. When the team reacted, they generated chances, and the game would have changed if we had scored a second. But we didn't, and they were able to equalise.

Valencia CF have not been able to beat any of the Top 8. If you do not beat any of the Top 8, then as of today you do not deserve to be at the top. We have to change that dynamic and start to get good results. Today there is collateral damage with the fifth yellow cards for Diakhaby and Foulquier. I'm not going to talk about the refereeing, but there was a very clear incident that was a second yellow for Catena. It was very clear and we don't know what would have happened if it had been given. There were a lot of yellow cards. Does that seem fair to you? I only think about that move, which seemed very clear to me. It didn't seem like a match that deserved so many cards.

Do you think you will bring back in players for the next few matches? It will be difficult to have Gabriel and Thierry available on Thursday. They have improved but there are only a few days left before that game. Why is it so hard for the team to create chances? We lacked creativity but we also had opponents who put a lot of pressure on us. Football has undergone a huge mutation. If you don't run, then you cannot win, and all of the teams compete. There have been moments in which we created and had opportunities to score the second goal. Carlos Soler came close with a good chance. Has Paulista had to be treated by another doctor? Will he be out for a month? We cannot set a timescale. We will wait to see how he evolves. Diakhaby and Foulquier will not be in Vigo. How do you handle players at risk of suspension? We had to be careful not to get cards for those at risk of suspension, and it wasn't to be. The competition is demanding and there are actions in which it is inevitable. We will handle it as best we can.

Was the substitution of Guedes for a physical reason or a tactical issue? There were no physical problems. I considered that we should put a different player higher up the pitch. Guedes is a great player. He had had several lost balls that were hurting us, they were neutralising him well and we decided to have another player come in for him.

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