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Bordalás: “We are obliged to finish the season in the best way possible”

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José Bordalás spoke to the media after Valencia CF’s 0-3 LaLiga Matchday 36 defeat at the hands of Real Betis.

What assessment do you make of today's defeat?

It is difficult to make an assessment because the result was very comprehensive, and excessive for how the game was. The game was very evenly matched. We were in control in many moments. Betis have a lot of quality and punch. There had been a warning minutes before, with a turnover that we neutralised. Then, on a throw-in, with a loss of possession by Ilaix in which a foul could have called, they made it 0-1. We have lacked precision in the final metres, accuracy, and offensive aggressiveness. The equaliser was getting closer and the second goal arrived. That did us a lot of damage and the third goal came after a loss in the opposition half. I think the result is excessive. You cannot grant a team like Betis what we gave them.

What has happened to the team in recent months?

After the Copa del Rey, in which we were defeated, the team lost our chance in LaLiga in the match against Levante UD. It is difficult to focus, but we are obliged to give our best showing. The team have tried and worked hard, but we have lacked effectiveness and quality in many moments. Then we have been hurt with some ease.

Yesterday you said that you had not been consulted about the purchase of Hugo Duro and it was confirmed in the afternoon. Did they consult you? To what do you attribute the difference between today's match and the Copa del Rey final?

It's football. Betis are fighting to be in the Champions League. They have a lot at stake. It is not an excuse because we wanted to get a good result. We lacked finishing and forcefulness on an offensive level. In defence they didn’t create many problems for us and they scored three goals against us. After leaving Paterna, the sporting director called me to inform me that Peter Lim had given the OK to buy Hugo Duro.

You said that you would like to give your opinion on the possible purchase of players and was told when they had already decided. What is your opinion of this?

The club decided and I am not going to assess it. They didn't ask for my opinion.

Are you satisfied with the attitude of all of the players?

With greater or worse finishing, the game wasn’t good. I am the person who is most responsible and the team after the game were emotionally affected, because we are all aware that we have not had a good game and we have lost at home. There are many points that we have lost at home. We have only won 5 games here out of 18. Those are relegation numbers and we have to analyse it for the future. The demand in the Primera Division is maximum.

What responsibility do you assume as coach?

I prefer not to talk about it because there are two games left. This is not the time to give up, but rather to lift your spirits. On Sunday we have another game and we have to change what happened today. We have to give a good showing and compete to the fullest to match the response of the fans throughout the season.

Was there anything other than Hugo Duro discussed in the sporting director's call? Do you think it's a good way to work?

It was not transmitted to me that there were options. I imagine they will work on this. The club told me that they thought they should buy Hugo Duro. I am the coach and I respect that. I can't say anything about it.

Do you think that it is the best way to start a market following the January window, when you said that you stuck to coaching?

I'm not going to assess this. If the club have decided, it is because they consider that he is a young player, that he has had a good season and that they should buy him, beyond what I may think. They decided to buy him. I will not rate or comment this. That's it and now we have to think about finishing the season as well as possible. We represent Valencia CF, a great club, with great fans and we are obliged to change our image with a very convincing result. We saw a Betis who did not need to generate many scoring chances.

The president spoke of consensus in your presentation but it seems that this decision was not agreed with the coach. Is the season going to feel long for the team?

Not long because there is a week and a half left. I've been telling the players for a couple of weeks that there's not long left. There are two games left, but it won't be long. We are not getting the desired results and we are obliged to change our image in the next two games and finish in the best possible way.

A few weeks ago you said that you shouldn't tempt fate and that you have a very young squad. Is the youth of the squad a problem?

I give my opinion based on my experience. I know the level of LaLiga. I know the demand, as all teams are strengthened and whoever does not want to see that is blind. I don’t decide. I am the coach and the people responsible must decide. Today I told the players that we have won 5 games out of 18 at home and Valencia CF cannot afford to do that. Mestalla has always been a very difficult place to come. Historically you had to sweat blood to score here. Now teams beat us easily and we have to improve this.

The first half was not similar to Valencia CF’s usual commitment this season, but it was in the second. However, the goals came in the second half.

We started the second half better and made that mistake… Football is a sport in which mistakes punish you. They took the lead when we were at our best. We cannot make those mistakes in any way. When we were 0-1 down, we went to four at the back, and we had more difficulties in defence, although we focused more on attack.

I'm not going to comment on it. Hugo Duro is a kid that I recommended and now Valencia CF have signed him, and we have to try to keep him growing and performing at the level of this season.

What is the assessment of Racic and Yellu?

Coaches make decisions based on performance and sometimes -because at a tactical level he was looking up to it- I had the thought of giving him a start. Then I decided that he has been training well and can help us. For the third goal, or the second, he got overconfident on the edge of the area and they scored. He is very young and we know that the team are very young. It was a tactical decision.

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