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Bordalás: "Tomorrow we have a difficult game, but we face it with optimism and enthusiasm"

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What state are Soler and Daniel Wass in for the match? Carlos is fine. He has been training with the group for a few days. He could have played a few minutes on Wednesday, but we decided to wait a few more days. Wass, as you know, has had Covid, but he trained with the group yesterday and today. Tomorrow we have one more session left and we will see how he is doing, in order to decide if we can use him. Why didn't you comment on transfers in the last press conference? I mentioned why. We are in a week in which we have three games in a few days, and we haven't had time to think about anything -nor practically even to prepare. We play tomorrow at the Wanda, we played last Wednesday and we have to focus on what's important. Starting next week, we can talk about other issues, including transfers. Do you think Wass is emotionally ready to play against Atletico Madrid? We are professionals and Wass has a contract with Valencia CF. He is a Valencia CF player and it is an issue that people have to solve. I always analyse the emotional and physical state of the players. After going through Covid, I can only look at whether he will be physically fit. I don't think about anything else. Atletico are on a bad run of results. How do you think tomorrow's game will go? I have no doubts about them. They have been achieving good results in recent seasons, they are the current LaLiga champions, they are a great team and it may be surprising that they are a little more inconsistent this season, but they are at the top and they are going to fight to be among the best. Them having adverse results does not reduce their potential in any way. You have spoken of the need to strengthen the squad on many occasions. Are you disappointed that the signings are arriving in the last stretch of the market? I already said what my opinion was and I reiterate that today is a day to talk about Atletico Madrid. We have had injuries, Covid and external situations that have affected us in putting together the team. We are focused on the game, because we are at a vital, important moment of the season. From the end of tomorrow's game we can start to assess other situations. My opinion has not changed, and I am not a person who changes my opinion easily. How is Manu Vallejo doing? Is he an option to play in the match against Atletico? He was in the squad last Wednesday, he has trained normally, and we have him available unless I am notified of another circumstance, because there has been talk that he could leave. He is a Valencia CF player right now, and he is available. How is Gabriel Paulista doing? Can we rule out him undergoing surgery? I can't rule anything out since I'm not a doctor. Those who are treating him know his situation. He is animated, satisfied with his rehabilitation and looks optimistic. If he is optimistic, then I am too. You have said that you do not change your mind easily. Have you changed your mind about Maxi Gómez from Wednesday to today? I do not change my mind about my perception of a specific question. The situation in terms of the squad is a different topic. There is behaviour, performance, mood... I have to evaluate all of that. My opinion of Maxi is the same. We all expect a lot more from him, he knows what he has to do to improve and be a useful player for the team, and I think he is willing to help the team. Will Cillessen be available? Who would replace him against Atletico Madrid? Jasper had to go off in the cup game. He has a small injury, which is minimal. It is likely that tomorrow we will not have him available. We have to be realistic, as unless there is a pleasant surprise in tomorrow's session and his problem has completely subsided, he probably won't be available. I have decided who is going to be the goalkeeper, but obviously I am not going to reveal this. In the warmup it seemed to us that Wass was listless, apathetic and very annoyed. How much time does he have left at Valencia CF?

It is a perception that you had, and is not mine. Wass is a Valencia CF player, unless the club informs me otherwise. If he is available and physically fit, my obligation is to use him, because he has been an important player at Valencia CF so far this season.

Regardless of the opposition's dynamic, how do you approach the game tactically? In recent games they have used several tactical formations, and they have changed them -like when they played Villarreal CF. It is normal. When we coaches don't get results we look for solutions. I understand that Simeone is looking for solutions for his team. He has a great squad, so I'm not surprised. We all want to give our best performance for the team. I expect a very strong side, playing at home, and it's going to be a difficult game. We are aware of that. We have seen that 'Yellu' has trained with the first team. Could he be part of the squad? He's a player about whom I have heard good things. He's been here for several years. I didn't know him personally, but the reports on him are good. Given the needs that we have and that we will not be able to use Javi Guerra due to coronavirus, he has trained with us and will do so tomorrow too. Tomorrow we will decide after the training session. Do you think it is possible that a player will come that you do not know about? When a player arrives, the club will let me know. I do not have any doubt about that. You have said on occasion that someone who is not 100% is not going to be used. Could Wass feature? There is one session left. Tomorrow I will decide. I'll talk to him. When the press conference is over I've arranged to meet with him to talk and get an idea of how he's doing. I will decide tomorrow. Do you think that the arrival of a central defender may be imminent? Would you like the signing of Okay Yokuslu? Allow me not to comment on players who may arrive, because we are focused on tomorrow's game. How important is it, at this point in the season, to take points against tough opponents? All points are important from now on. We have passed the halfway mark of the season. A few days ago I gave some examples, like Elche CF or Getafe CF, who were having difficulties and are now in form. This is LaLiga. It's super competitive and we're seeing that anyone can beat anyone. Points are vital, we need to score points, we have a difficult game tomorrow, but we face it with optimism, enthusiasm and the need to take points, in order to be closer to the top positions. Do you want to make a statement against a big team? Yes, of course. That is the excitement that we have as professionals, and even more now that we are at Valencia CF. We want to win and win convincingly, for the team to be able to play a great game. It's difficult because they have squads with great potential, but it's about the attitude. Their attitude has been very good and this is the path forward, to work as we are doing and continue to grow as a team. What would it mean if an agreement was reached for the renewals of Gayà and Carlos Soler? I have already said that I am convinced that they have a great commitment to Valencia CF and that they will eventually renew. I have no doubt, and it is what I perceive. I know them personally and professionally and I think that they will continue at Valencia CF. Some news came out linking MIngueza with Valencia CF. It has also come out that he is a player that you do not like. Why doesn't he convince you? He is a magnificent player because he is at FC Barcelona, I don't know what has come out. Maybe it will turn out that this is Guantanamo Bay, that there are secret recordings and loudspeakers. If you ask me about that player, I will tell you that I think he's a magnificent player. I can't say anything else.

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