Big six remain unified over Super League decision and willing to weather the storm

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The six Premier League clubs involved in the proposed European ‘Super League’ – Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur – remain unified in their decision.

As reported by BBC Sport, the founding members of the breakaway competition are willing to weather the storm of criticism they’re currently under.

It’s said the ‘big six’ see the proposed ‘super league’ as the future of football, which will benefit all involved in the sport on a long-term basis.

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While the European giants wait for the ‘storm’ to die down, we at Empire of the Kop will be one of several LFC-related platforms that will not stop applying pressure on the elitist owners of our club – and the owners of others.

What makes football so appealing is that anyone can reach the very top of the game, but this new ‘Super League’ proposes a level occupied by the mega-rich that will be unattainable to the majority.

Liverpool FC has a civic duty to stay grounded and harmonise with socialist ideals – what FSG are doing right now couldn’t be further from that.