Big financial reveal underlines Liverpool’s increased value – it’s PL-topping

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Liverpool’s value over the last five years has increased by a whopping 165% – the third-highest increase in that time period across sports teams and the highest in the Premier League.

The Reds have seen huge success achieved in recent years with a Champions League and Premier League win as well as improved performances in those competitions whilst commercial deals and an improved and bigger stadium has also increased revenue.

Indeed, it’s clear that all that has had a big impact on the value of the club, with Forbes revealing an impressive 165% increase in terms of how much Liverpool FC is now worth – behind only PSG and the Los Angeles Rams for growth.

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It’s probably no surprise to see the Reds have seen such increases to their value and the hope will be that will only continue and the club can keep improving things.

FSG, obviously, won’t want to let the Reds go when you see numbers like this and the hope will just have to be that they stop pulling stunts like the Super League and trying to charge ridiculous ticket prices.

The club generates more than enough money without extra nonsense like that.

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