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BBC Sport comments from neutrals – Very interesting on Newcastle United after Arsenal match

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Intriguing to read through these BBC Sport comments, following on from Newcastle’s victory over Arsenal.

The comments from neutrals especially telling…

A little different to what Newcastle United fans have come to expect from the BBC Sport ‘neutrals’!

The BBC Sport comments from neutrals are usually just overwhelmingly a catalogue of abuse aimed at NUFC supporters. As well as regular claims of how Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce actually hadn’t been all that bad at / for Newcastle United…

Quite amazing how repeatedly so many fans of so many other clubs are interested in Newcastle United AND are bothered enough to go to the effort of leaving such lovely endearing messages. Particularly the stuff about the new Newcastle United owners and the media inspired pile-ons that NUFC fans have become used to, when blamed for who now owns their club.

On this occasion though, politics completely absent amongst the comments, just amazingly…about the football and how good Newcastle United were against Arsenal, not even a single mention of a ‘leaked’ green and white kit

The BBC Sport readers comments, mainly from neutrals, although some Arsenal fans and the odd Newcastle fan also contributing…

‘Whilst it was a childish spat, someone needs to explain Nketia’s yellow card to me tonight? He didn’t give it until he went over and looked at Schaar on the floor…’

‘120 million for White and Pepe and utterly outclassed and humiliated by Newcastle.’

‘As an Arsenal fan Newcastle are a Pleasure to watch and Eddie Howe is an outstanding young manager.

I think they are going to very far with him and the investment.’

‘Who is Arteta going to blame tonight ?

He has being hanging on Pep’s coat tails for too long – no class and no tactical ability.

Newcastle easily the better side – well done Eddie Howe !!!’

‘After seeing that match I think most would agree that a champions league spot would be totally wasted on Arsenal – they were very poor.

Spurs will surely now finish in 4th , very well played tonight Newcastle , brilliant performance.’

‘Thank you Newcastle.

What a performance!! From minute one you dominated, in style.

Now, please, Tottenham… kindly beat Norwich.

It’s in our hands…


‘To all you Newcastle fans, and there were a lot of you, who doubted Eddie Howe’s appointment because you wanted a big name, may you know realise it’s about coaching talent not a big name. He did wonders for us at Bournemouth and now you are reaping the rewards of his hard work and skillfull approach to his job.

Maybe not a big name but a blooming good Manager and coach. Pleased for you.’

‘Well done to Newcastle for putting Arsenal in their place for the second time in 5 days.’

‘Can’t understand how all the punditry is about how poor Arsenal were. Why is nobody prepared to say how good Newcastle were.’

‘Newcastle immense commitment and did themselves proud tonight, furthermore to the other top 4 contender, eagerly watching.

Past 4 days in football – 6 points for Tottenham Nil for ArseNil

Great calender year for The Toon.’

‘Some spiteful comments on the Arsenal forums before the game. Newcastle called utter garbage and second-rate. How did that go for you, Gooners?’

‘I feel sorry for the Newcastle fans tonight. You completely outplayed us, bossed us and thoroughly deserved to win. Yet, 40 minutes after the game has finished, Sky Sports still haven’t mentioned that once and just focused on our shambolic display. You deserved better from Sky!’

‘The geordies made arsenal look like Sunderland.’

‘Newcastle were excellent and deserved much more than a 2-0 win.’

‘They were probably five to six goals better than the goonies.’

‘Brilliant win for Newcastle against one of the beebs favourites.

Alan Smith Co commentating???

The bias is a laugh a minute.

Next we will have Gary Neville commentating on Man U games. Oh hang on!’

‘Well played Newcastle, you totally deserved to beat us.

I can’t believe we put in a performance like that for a MUST win game.’

‘IMMENSE from Newcastle, what a performance!

Now please beat Burnley, from a scared Leeds fan!’

‘Newcastle played an excellent high intensity game that Arsenal just couldn’t match, well done! Thoroughly entertaining match for the neutral (except I am not a neutral, so I enjoyed it even more – whispers coys…)’

‘Superb win. Not a toon fan but surely Eddie Howe is Manager of the Year.’

‘THANK YOU Newcastle! From a Spurs and temporary Magpies fan.

Now off to have several hot baths to try and make myself feel clean again.’

‘Bruno Guimaraes is a fantastic signing but Eddie Howe has also got the best out of the players who were already in the squad, like Joelinton or Callum Willson. Arsenal were not good but they were outplayed by Newcastle. Given that Newcastle are up there with Liverpool and Man City in terms of points gained since Eddie Howe was appointed, the result was not really surprising.’

‘I’ve not seen much of Newcastle but as a Spurs fan I was obviously watching with interest. Very impressed with Newcastle and fully deserved 3 points.’

‘Well done Eddie Howe. The man who could have turned Manchester United around?’

‘Eddie Howe is what Frank Lampard will never be.’

‘Well done Newcastle. The money they spent in January was fairly moderate, so this is a great turnaround. Certain players have really started to shine. I hope they don’t spend stupid money in the summer… one or two decent players who are hungry for it… and who ideally don’t injure easily!’

‘Newcastle were excellent tonight, their midfield dominated Arsenal from start to finish.

Arsenal were really poor, worse than against Spurs with no desire or passion

Seems like Spurs have become everyone’s second team in last few weeks due to the arrogance of Arsenal and Arteta.

Up the cherries.’

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