​Bayern Munich chief Rummenigge lauds Granovskaia for keeping Chelsea financially stable

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Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has praised Chelsea for their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Blues are one of the few clubs who have continued to spend big in Europe, despite the pandemic-related shutdowns severely impacting club finances.

Rummenigge, who knows a thing or two about well run clubs, has praised the Blues and their director Marina Granovskaia.

He told The Athletic: "There are maybe two or three clubs who are able to buck the trend.

"Chelsea's numbers, for example, look very positive. Marina has done a very good job.

"But we won't see any all-time high [profit] records tumble this summer, that's for sure.

"Everyone I talk to wants to reduce their payroll. That also applies to Bayern. Transfer fees went down by 50 per cent last season, which was good, but the wages haven't adjusted downwards accordingly.

"We find that players and their agents are not happy to renew under existing circumstances but want more.

"It'll be an interesting transfer market. It'll be instructive to see whether the best players will have the upper hand in that regard.

"We need to rely on players and agents understanding the situation. The whole football industry, the whole world has been damaged by Covid-19.

"I'm curious to see if there will be one club in Europe that can break even this season. It'll be challenging, even for us.

"After more than one year without fans, the income loss has been much greater for the big clubs."