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Barcelona defender Pique: Real Madrid supporting referees never impartial

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Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has taken new swipe at Real Madrid.

Pique believes that Spanish referees who support Real Madrid cannot be impartial on the pitch.

His remarks come nine months after former international referee Eduardo Iturralde Gonzalez claimed that nine out of ten Spanish referees are Real Madrid fans.

"The other day a former referee said that 85 percent of the referees support Real Madrid," Pique told Post United.

"How are they not going to whistle in favour of Real Madrid?

"Even unconsciously, how are they not going to give more for one side than the other?

"And I respect the referees' professionalism and I know they try to do their best job, but when a moment of doubt comes..."

Asked whether Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos somehow control what is happening at Barcelona and Real Madrid, respectively, Pique was clear none of the two impose their will on their clubs.

"I think not, I am very convinced," Pique added. "They have stature and can give their opinion and, from there, decisions can go one way or another.

"When you have a board of directors or a president who are very strong, who have the right, clear ideas and they want to do something, the player has little say.

"Sergio's [contract] renewal is an example of when there is a strong president, makes a decision and wants to take that path and the players can't do much."

Pique went on to stress that he has never put on any of the Real Madrid shirts he has swapped over the years.

"I have never worn [a Real Madrid shirt]," Pique noted.

"I have swapped them, and I have Real Madrid shirts at home.

"I have those of Cristiano [Ronaldo], [Karim] Benzema, [Sergio] Ramos... several.

"Putting it on is beyond me."

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