Barcelona candidate Toni Freixa reveals €250M outside commitment

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Barcelona presidential candidate Toni Freixa says they have an agreement with an investor to contribute €250m.

In fact, Freixa went a step further and even admitted which areas of the squad they are looking at strengthening.

"We have been working for some time now and we can say that we have reached an agreement of intent with an investor who will contribute 250 million [euros] for Barcelona Coporate, which consists of four business lines, in exchange for 49 per cent," Freixa told RAC1.

"Although it will first have to go through the Assembly. We will have the funds for the economic situation to improve so that we can make sporting decisions. And in 2021/22 we will incorporate three superstars: two in attack and one in defence."

When asked about whether Ronald Koeman would be in favour of these additions, the 52-year-old was clear.

"It's impossible for Koeman not to like them. They are unique players," he said.

"Koeman will be coach until the end of his contract [June 30, 2022], without any doubt. Giving stability to the coach and the team always pays off."