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At home and against the Tuzas... Champions again!

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After a record-breaking tournament, and with the support of more than 40 thousand ChivaHermanos at Akron Stadium who did not stop cheering throughout the 90 minutes, as well as a superb performance by Blanca Felix, who played the role of heroine by saving a penalty kick, Chivas Femenil capped their extraordinary campaign with the title and confirmed that they were the best team of the Clausura 2022. Although they fell 0-1 in the second leg, they maintained the advantage in the aggregate score 4-3 to win the 'Segunda' for the red and white institution.

At 9', Joseline Montoya took a rebound and fired a shot that goalkeeper Barreras deflected over the crossbar; a minute later, Casandra Montero 'pumped' the ball and again hit the crossbar before leaving the field.

At 14', 'Jos' controlled the ball on the right, cut back to the center, shook off two opponents and shot left-footed but once again the Tuza goalkeeper managed to deflect the ball narrowly over the crossbar. The Tuzas leveled the actions and at 27' arrived dangerously with a long pass to Monica Ocampo who played a first-time pass to Charlyn who shot a left-footed bullet that passed very close to the right post of Blanca Felix's goal.

In the second half, Juan Pablo Alfaro decided to reinforce the attack with the introduction of Gabriela Valenzuela, while Pachuca, needing to go forward, attempted to have possession of the ball. At 60', the visitors came close with a shot from mid-distance by Lizbeth Ángeles that went just wide of the right post. Pachuca tried to take advantage of the momentum and in the 67th minute, Charlyn won a ball into the box and Blanca, in her attempt to cut the ball off, fouled the Tuza attacker.

Blanca played the role of heroine and saved Corral's shot from the spot, causing the stands at the Akron Stadium to erupt in applause and the chorus of "Dale, Dale, Dale Rebaño! roared through the stands to spur the Rebaño on in their quest for the title. Blanca again saved her goal at 87' with a volley inside the box from Salazar that the red-and-white keeper deflected with a spectacular save to her left; and with the final whistle from referee Francia González, the Liga MX Femenil Women's Champions began to celebrate.

Chivas Femenil 0-1 Pachuca(Lisbeth Ángeles at 60')Referee: Francia María González MartínezAkron Stadium


Chivas Femenil: 12 Blanca Félix, 26 Araceli Torres, 2 Jaqueline Rodríguez (3 Damaris Godínez at 58'), 27 Kynberly Guzmán, 5 Karol Bernal, 7 Casandra Montero, 16 Victoria Acevedo (18 Susan Bejarano at 63'), 8 Carolina Jaramillo, 13 Joseline Montoya, 11 Anette Vázquez (9 Gabriela Valenzuela at 45'), 24 Alicia Cervantes (AM 93').Coach Juan Pablo Alfaro

Pachuca: 1 Esthefanny Barreras, 20 Sumiko Gutiérrez, 34 Karen Díaz (AM 22'), 4 Mónica Alvarado, 6 Karla Nieto, 10 Mónica Ocampo, 17 Yanin Madrid (14 Daniela Arias at 84'), 28 Linda Bravo (19 Lucero Cuevas at 89'), 7 Lizbeth Ángeles (26 Alice Soto at 84'), 9 Charlyn Corral, 30 Viridiana Salazar.Coach Juan Carlos Cacho

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