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·23 November 2021

Astonishing from Arsenal fans after Liverpool defeat and before Newcastle United

Article image:Astonishing from Arsenal fans after Liverpool defeat and before Newcastle United

You have to hand it to Arsenal fans…

They are revolting. Again.

Ahead of facing Newcastle United, just look at the comments from Arsenal fans below.

I thought I had seen it all when on Sunday the Tottenham fans booed the players and Antonio Conte at half-time because they were losing 1-0 on the occasion of Conte’s FIRST home match, then in the final minutes after turning it around to a 2-1 lead and trying to hang on for the victory, Antonio Conte had to then try and urge the silent Spurs fans to help their team over the line.

Meanwhile, Newcastle fans ridiculed for showing support for Eddie Howe and the players despite dropping to bottom of the league after a draw against Brentford at home in the Head Coach’s first match.

Anyway, the Arsenal fans have outdone their local rivals with these latest comments. All very reminiscent of when they forced out Arsene Wenger after transforming their club and winning three Premier League titles and eight FA Cups, as well as getting to the Champions League final. The writing on the wall though because Arsenal fans gutted that ALL Wenger did in the end was get them qualifying for the Champions League for two decades solid and win three FA Cups in his final five seasons.

So, when reading these comments from Arsenal fans ahead of playing Newcastle United and after losing 4-0 at Anfield at the weekend, bear in mind this…in the previous ten games before that defeat at Anfield, Arsenal fans had seen their team win eight and draw two of their previous ten matches, scoring eighteen goals and only conceding four. Arsenal into the quarter-finals of the League Cup and fifth in the Premier League…

Arsenal fans commenting via their Arsenal Mania and Just Arsenal supporter / message board sites:

‘Think the performance at Anfield really brought back the ArtetaSexuals down to earth. Our weakness got exposed. All it told me is that we’ve not really improved as a team since Mikel took over.

Think we’ll just about nick it 1-0. just because we have better players.’

‘The table can sometimes lie. Majority of our performances this season haven’t been convincing. We’ve just been lucky that that we’re pretty much getting a free run at fourth place.’

‘How long are going to remain in the top 6 with a negative GD?’

‘All of a sudden this has now become a massive match for us.’

‘Important we get good result here a clean sheet too would bring the confidence back.’

‘One of those games we win to cover up Arteta’s deficiencies.’

‘I honestly just don’t look forward to Arsenal games any more.’

‘Mikel Arteta v Jason Tindall…a tactical battle for the ages!’

‘Still reeling from yesterdays sh.t show. I get we are a young team, growing, but we aren’t wrexham ffs. Just frustrating how far away we are from being proper competitive.’

‘Expect Arteta to hype Howe to Mars if we fail to beat these farmers.’

‘That’s the Arteta fanboys way – every win, no matter how dreadful the performance, should be hyped to the moon. Every time we drop points, however, doesn’t count.’

‘Dont think we have top 4 ambitions as long as Arteta is our manager.’

NUFC first win of the season against Charity FC?’

‘Teta might be sh.te but this should be a narrow victory. He should tender his resignation if we can’t even win this ffs.’

‘If one week isn’t enough for them to recover, they won’t be able to play in EL or UCL next season and they must be replaced with fitter players.’

‘Auba being Fatigued, why. He’s not fatigued he’s just become a passenger.’

‘We were told bowing out of Europe for a season (?) would be a good thing as we could concentrate on the league!! One game a week and some are knackered – come on!!! Really? What goes on in training??!!’

Yet it is Newcastle United fans who are supposed to be the deluded and entitled ones!

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