​Aston Villa star Grealish admits driving offences

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Article image: ​Aston Villa star Grealish admits driving offences

Aston Villa and England midfielder Jack Grealish has admitted two counts of careless driving.

The Villa skipper was charged with driving offences relating to two incidents this year.

The first was an accident involving his Range Rover in Dickens Heath, near Solihull, during lockdown on 29 March.

Court documents released before the hearing at Birmingham Magistrates' Court revealed a further incident near Villa's training ground on 18 October.

The 25 year old did not appear in court but entered his two guilty pleas through his lawyer.

Two vehicles - a Citroen van and a Mercedes - were damaged in the accident, and as well as driving carelessly the footballer was charged with failing to stop at the scene and also failing to report it.

The footballer denied the two other charges, and the Crown Prosecution Service offered no evidence, so they were dismissed.

The court heard that Grealish, who already has six points on his licence for a 2018 speeding offence, could not attend court for sentencing, which was adjourned until 15 December.

District Judge John Bristow said the existing penalty points meant he could be at risk of a driving ban.