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Aston Villa chief Purslow rejects transfer 'stamp duty' for Prem clubs

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Aston Villa chief Christian Purslow is imposing a transfer levy on Premier League clubs to further support the football pyramid risks “killing the golden goose".

The fan-led review of football governance, among other recommendations, proposed a “stamp duty" of up to 10 per cent on deals between top-flight clubs or signings from overseas to help safeguard the financial stability of the lower divisions.

Purslow said top-flight clubs should not simply be viewed as an easy target with unlimited financial muscle.

“It will be difficult to do much more as the Premier League has already committed to government that in the next three years £1.6billion will, to use your verb, cascade down through the rest of football. It was ever thus," Purslow told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

“The pyramid has always depended on the very top of the game largely funding the ecosystem that is football and that was most obviously seen in the middle of the Covid crisis when the Premier League lent over £250million to the Championship and gifted over £50m to League One and League Two.

“The Premier League has always really been the source of funding for the rest of football and the danger here is of course, as you said, killing the golden goose if we overregulate a highly successful financial and commercial operation."

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