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Arsenal’s season is over in January and we will give Arteta a new contract?

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Rewarding failure with a new deal by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, it’s January and the season is over. 0-0 at home to Burnley. I honestly regret wasting my time. Two hours in the bin. I can give you 10 pages of reasons why Arteta should be sacked now, but that’s not happening, because we will reward this failure with a new contract.

Do you really think City will take him to replace Pep, after seeing this? The guy is a fraud, but he shouldn’t even be here, so I won’t blame him for being out of his depth. It’s the people who put him there. It’s the same people who allowed him to leave us with a thin squad. It’s the same people who see our players getting red cards and not telling him to make discipline more strict.

We missed Partey today, but a player of his experience shouldn’t get red carded in 10 minutes. There’s not much to say about Xhaka really, but it’s Arteta who allows this to happen. And then it’s the board and Edu for backing him after all this. In January we went out of both cups and we’re practically dead in the top 4 race. We’re throwing another season away.

We haven’t had a striker score a goal for us in a league game for how long now? Auba has been practically erased from the squad for falling out with Arteta, Laca is finished, Eddie is not good enough. How do we assault the top 4 if we can’t get a striker? If Vlahovic doesn’t wanna come, take Isak? Give yourselves a chance at least.

We instead ship out players, to the point there’s nobody to come from the bench. That’s down to Mikel and Edu, not the Afcon, not injuries, nothing. No excuses.We rely on 20 year olds to win us games, because we don’t have experience. I can’t blame Sambi, ESR, Saka, Martinelli and Odegaard, because they at least try, and it shouldn’t be all on their shoulders to carry us.

It’s up with the people upstairs that nobody takes action against our poor discipline, because the truth is we can’t beat Burnley at home without Partey and without a striker. What is Arteta exactly building here, please tell me, because I hear about how great we’re going to be. Remember how he said we should compete for the Champions League and the league title in 3 years. Well two are down and I don’t want another year like that.

I’m in pain and I wonder why did I bother with the game? I knew it’d be hard, and I did it to myself anyway, just like Arsenal do every season, but I’m tired. I don’t know what people who think we’re actually building something put in their teas, but if we don’t do something, we’re going for another 8th place finish.

But you know what really, really hurts? I didn’t think we’d score. I don’t think we tried hard enough. I don’t think our spirit was that of a team that won’t back down. Our manager had no clue how to affect the game, his subs were late. I don’t know what he says at half time, but not once have I seen us come out in the second half fighting.

We’re dead with Arteta and January is proof. He doesn’t deserve more chances. You earn chances by doing something. What’s he done for us? I can’t do it, I hope your week is better, and thankfully this dead football club isn’t playing, because we do not deserve this. I’ll only ever believe if he’s sacked tonight, but I can’t even imagine it in my dreams let alone the Kroenkes actually doing something good for this football club in real life.


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