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·27 September 2023

Arsenal’s League Cup game at Brentford could be decisive for some Gunner’s futures

Article image:Arsenal’s League Cup game at Brentford could be decisive for some Gunner’s futures

So, here’s my yearly, traditional stance regarding the League Cup. by Dan Smith

I don’t agree with those Gooners who mocked Man United fans for celebrating lifting the Carabao Cup last season.

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My viewpoint Is; if you’re in Europe, that gives you 4 opportunities to win a trophy, to create memories, to add to a club’s legacy and immerse yourself in a team’s history.

Why wouldn’t you want a day out at Wembley?

We have won 4 FA Cups in 20 years so are not good enough to be putting our nose up to any silverware.

Nonetheless it’s a competition that if you get knocked out of you can quickly shrug off and move on from, pretending you never cared in the first place.

Most manager’s prioritise the tournament based on how well they are faring elsewhere.

Top of the table 12 months ago, most didn’t blink to a third-round exit at home to Brighton.

A year prior, a two-legged Semi Final with Liverpool was treated very seriously, when it became clear it was our only route to success.

It says a lot about how far some Gunner’s careers have fallen that a tie at Brentford has become a massive chance to prove themselves, for some perhaps a final moment to do so?

I sensed the same regarding the Under 21 Euros in the summer. Yet no matter Smith Rowe’s triumph in Romania and Georgia, it hasn’t changed where he sits in our attacking pecking order.

Over 100 million has been spent on Havertz and Vieira to occupy positions that suit Smith Rowe.

When we have needed a goal off the bench, Reiss Nelson has been picked ahead of him. Even with Trossard and Martinelli injured, Jesus was chosen to move out to the left on Sunday.

Arteta had the audacity to pat the midfielder on the shoulder as he brought him on with a minute left of the NLD.

Our boss doesn’t do irony. There he is, trying to motivate a youngster whose confidence has been drained by the man, now trying to boost his self-belief.

The hope was that after a long-term injury, his boss felt it was harsh to throw the 23-year-old into the deep end of a title race last campaign.

Hence releasing him for international duty would help improve the talent’s fitness.

The fear was that something has been spotted in training that means Smith Rowe now doesn’t suit Arteta’s ethos.

History shows us Arteta is not shy to wash his hands of someone once he feels you don’t match his principles and won’t feel the need to put his arm round your shoulder to explain his thought process.

If nothing else that attitude has seen value decrease in assets worth millions.

It’s worth stressing that it’s believed Villa were willing to pay over 30 million for someone nowhere near our first team.

So, there’s zero guarantees that whatever any of our players do against the Bees that will alter the odds of them then starting at Bournemouth on Saturday.

It’s not just Smith Rowe.

Ramsdale’s body of work since arriving in North London means he shouldn’t be in this position, yet suddenly he’s desperate for a clean sheet at the Getch Community Stadium.

Still waiting for our keepers to be subbed for tactical reasons. In other words, that’s a lie?

Reiss Nelson benefits from the same protection some supporters give Eddie Nketiah.

Both earn each a 100,000 pound a week to be bodies for occasions like this.

Havertz and Vieira need to show some personality in West London. Who is brave? Who demands the ball?  Who tries to make something happen? Who just plays the safe pass?

Unfortunately, I sense Smith Rowe and Ramsdale have to do something exceptional to change Arteta’s mind, because the past shows he doesn’t want his mind changed.

It’s more likely he’s willing for Havertz and Vieira to prove his faith in them – correct?

It’s funny.

A fixture that might not mean a lot to some could be decisive in one or two Gunner’s careers.

Dan Smith

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