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·24 October 2022

Arsenal midfielder suffers training injury manager confirms

Article image:Arsenal midfielder suffers training injury manager confirms

Arsenal loanee Tim Akinola suffered an injury in training with Chesterfield this week, forcing him out of a dramatic match against Bromley.

Chesterfield manager Paul Cook confirmed ahead of Chesterfield’s match against Bromley this weekend that Tim Akinola would be unavailable after suffering an injury in training.

It’s an unfortunate blow for the midfielder, who had been working his way into the Chesterfield side game by game.

After a few substitute appearances, the Arsenal loanee played his first 90-minute match in Chesterfield’s last league game against Eastleigh. But just as he looked to have made it in, he’s now got to work on recovering from an injury.

The 21-year-old missed out on an opportunity to face off against a fellow Gunner at the weekend, with Tom Smith starting for Bromley in an all-action contest.

In a game of five goals, Chesterfield won the match 3-2, but there was further drama late on. Bromley manager Andy Woodman was shown a red card protesting a decision, before both sets of players were involved in a proper scrap at full-time.

Omar Sowunmi was seemingly shown a post-match red card amid the fracas. Fortunately, Arsenal’s Smith managed to avoid picking up a second yellow, having already received one in the 72nd minute.

As for Akinola, we should know more about his injury in the coming days. As with all training injuries, we’re at the mercy of the club and what information they decide to release.

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