Arsenal defender Tierney reveals key support from Bellerin

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Arsenal defender Kieran Tierney has spoken of the support he's had from fellow fullback Hector Bellerin.

Tierney has had to battle from several major injuries over this first 18 months with the Gunners.

He told Goal: "On the first day of my stay at Arsenal, I became close to Hector. At the first meeting, he said that in the near future we will spend a lot of time together, since many are injured.

"I immediately felt support from him. I knew how great a player he was for Arsenal. His help helped me a lot to become myself in the locker room. I often tell my family that Hector helps me, takes me on walks around London. I think even they appreciate his help.

"At the moment, he is the closest person in the team to me. Without him, I would not have been so good at Arsenal and London."