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Arsenal defender Gabriel fought off baseball bat wielding robbery

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Arsenal defender Gabriel fought off an attacker wielding a baseball bat inside his home garage, it has been revealed.

The Daily Mail says Gabriel and a friend were followed home from a night out by two robbers who demanded the footballer's car keys, mobile phone and watch as he got out of his vehicle.

One of the attackers, Abderaham Muse, then lunged at the Brazilian with the bat, but Gabriel struck him in the face and wrestled with him, grabbing his hat, until the robber wriggled free and ran off.

Muse, 26, was jailed for five years last month after police linked him to the robbery in August through DNA from the hat that had fallen off during the scuffle.

CCTV footage played in court shows the black Mercedes pull into the garage at Gabriel's house in Barnet, north London, and the 23-year-old get out with his friend, Rodrigo Tavares.

Muse and his accomplice, both wearing masks and hoods, walk into the garage and Muse holds the baseball bat up to the footballer's face.

Gabriel holds his hands in the air then removes his watch and hands it to his attacker, along with his car keys.

Muse then lunges with the baseball bat, but Gabriel jabs him in the face and grabs his arm. The pair struggle for a moment before Muse wriggles free and he and his accomplice sprint away from the house, past a third member of the gang whose role was to ensure the electronic gates outside remained open.

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