🏎 Are these the Fastest 9 players at Euro 2020?

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Lewis Ambrose

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And just like that, Euro 2020 is here. The tournament may have taken a while to arrive but don’t blink or you’ll miss these players.

Here are nine speedsters to look out for over the next month … and we didn’t even have space for Cristiano Ronaldo …

Ante Rebić (Croatia)

Rebić recored the third-fastest speed at the 2018 World Cup but has since gone even better, reportedly hitting 35.1 km/h in the Bundesliga while at Frankfurt.

Leroy Sané (Germany)

The Bundesliga website has Sané as the player with the second highest top speed in the league this season (35.23  km/h) of players who will be at Euro 2020, just behind his club team-mate…

Kingsley Coman (France)

…that’s right, Coman went one better in a Bayern shirt and was clocked at 35.68 km/h during the 2020/21 season.

Kylian Mbappé (France)

Of course he was going to feature. The World Cup winner and France talisman hit 36km/h during 2020, per Le Figaro.

Marcus Rashford (England)

According to Opta, Rashford managed to reach a speed of 36.32 km/h  during a Premier League game against Crystal Palace last year. But someone else at Manchester United might be even quicker.

Daniel James (Wales)

That’s right, faster than Rashford. According to MEN, the Premier League giants carried out five metre sprint tests last summer and James topped the charts, clocking a rapid 36.8 km/h!

Phil Foden (England)

Perhaps a surprise inclusion but Foden’s highest Premier League speed is said to be 37.1 km/h. He may not be a typical sprinter but he is quick off the mark.

Çağlar Söyüncü (Turkey)

Yes, really! The Leicester defender was clocked at 37.55 km/h by Opta during a Premier League game two seasons ago.

Kyle Walker (England)

No defenders on the list and then two right at the top! Walker reached a jaw-dropping 37.8 km/h during a Premier League game against Chelsea in 2019/20. Meep meep!